Ballistic Bullet Proof Vests

We specialise in the supply of body armour to local authorities and large companies. All our armor is made here in the UK and is fully tested and certified by the UK Home Office. This page is specifically about our bullet protection vests, sometimes referred to as “bulletproof vests”.

Bullet Proof Vests Manufacturers

The first thing to say is that there is no such thing as a bullet-proof vest. Our vest Vests are only bullet-resistant, they’re made from a Kevlar-like composite material to a certain standard. In the UK these standards are set by the UK Home Office. HG1 stands for handgun protection level one, which is the standard suggested by the Home Office for standard policing duties where firearms may be encountered, and HG2 which stands for handgun protection level 2, a higher level of protection recommended for firearms officers and where high calibre weapons may be involved.

Our bullet-resistant vests also include protection from knives (knife resistance standards are KR1 or KR2 as stated in the individual specifications) as well as spikes (spike protection levels SP2 or SP2). Spikes may be more of a risk than knives, as they can be improvised such as homemade “shivs”, screwdrivers, ice picks, etc.

Kevlar Body Armour

Our ballistic vests are, like Kevlar body armour vests, made of a composite material that is layered up to provide an extremely strong level of protection that has been tested and certified by the UK Home Office

Our bullet vests also include a high level of protection from blunt trauma. Blunt trauma is “body blows”, strikes with fists, kicks, bricks, hammers, etc. There is no Home Office standard for blunt trauma protection but we would be happy to call in to see you and demonstrate the blunt trauma protection, as well as all other types of protection, to yourself and your team.

Our products are priced including the carrier and the armour that comes inside, and we have priced only for HG1 which also includes KR1 and SP1, these being by far the most popular standard required in the UK. Prices for HG2, Handgun Level 2, which also includes knife resistance KR2 and spike resistance SP2, are available on request.

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