Pick The Right Body Armour In 5 Easy Steps

Pick The Right Body Armour In 5 Easy Steps

1. Analyse which threats your staff are likely to encounter

Carry out a risk assessment taking into account the threats your staff may face. This means the threats that are found in your local area (consult with the police if possible) as well as the threats that are specific to their job.

  • Are your staff at risk from knives and spikes?
  • Is there also a risk from guns?
  • Also consider the additional threats of blunt trauma and syringes.

2. Decide which home office protection level is required

Is it just protection from knives and spikes or is protection from guns also required? If you need more information on the different protection levels click here.
Please note all our vests also provide protection from syringes and blunt trauma – this is not the case with all suppliers.

3. Choose a style

Are you looking for a covert or overt style? Do you need pockets and epaulettes? An authoritative or more casual design? We have 5 different vest styles to choose from, and all of them can house any of the protection levels.

4. Request a sample

Let us know your preferred protection level and vest style and we can send one out so you can check your staff feel comfortable with it, and we can even send further samples in different sizes to check if any of your staff require extra tall fitting, additional female shaping or fully bespoke manufacturing. We’ll even collect the samples free of charge once you’re done.

5. Place your order

If you’re a council, NHS or university we can open you an instant account on receipt of your purchase order. For most other customers we require payment in advance for the first 3 orders before we can open an account.

pick the right body armour in 3 easy steps