Bespoke Uniforms

Keltic started out as a jacket manufacturer, making bespoke jackets for all sorts of industries. Therefore we have over 20 years’ experience supplying bespoke corporate clothing to your design. This can range from something simple like one of our stock suits with your organisation’s branding on, to a totally bespoke design and manufacture.With such a wide range, many customers find that rather than going for custom uniforms they can find something that reflects their image and ideas from stock, but we also work with three UK factories, all within 15 miles of our offices, meaning we can produce a fully custom uniform to your exact design whether that be suits, shirts, blouses, trousers or pretty much anything else in the world of bespoke staff uniforms.

Bespoke corporate suits can be a variation on one of our existing suits or something completely different. How it usually works is that we pop in and see you to discuss the look you’re wanting to achieve, then come up with some visuals to run past you to see if we are close to the mark. These bespoke uniform visuals are then tweaked until they’re just right, at which point we look at fabrics and then produce samples.

Bespoke corporate wear is an option if you have more than 100 wearers, otherwise it tends to be easier and more cost effective to go for a stock product with your branding and added touches. This way you get customised corporate uniforms without needing to go fully bespoke. A lot of clients who begin with bespoke corporate wear actually end up with a version of customised staff uniforms.

Fully bespoke staff uniforms nevertheless are fully achievable, even down to the smallest detail. You can choose your own fabric, trims, linings, buttons and of course your own fully designed custom corporate clothing. Why not give our sales staff a call, live chat or email and let them know the sort of thing you’re looking for – they will firstly love to listen to your ideas about custom corporate clothing, and then once they fully understand your project, they should be able to give some details of other similar customised staff uniform we’ve supplied before, to start the conversation off.

Customised corporate uniforms are highly professional, and may be more affordable than you think. Please get in touch today to discuss your project with our experienced staff.

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Infection Control

Anti-bacterial reusable face masks, eco face coverings made from recycled materials, anti-viral sprays for garments and masks, and anti-viral snoods, certified to kill Covid-19 and provide residual protection. All items are reusable and comfortable enough to wear at work all day.