Corporate suits

Welcome to our corporate suits range: High-end retail quality suiting transformed into durable working garments that can be worn every day and still look great. We have three distinct collections based on your particular emphasis and the job your staff do – please click a collection below.

The corporate team make choosing a uniform suit simple! Split into easy categories; ask yourself do you want a corporate suit which is durable basic, luxury fashion or best of both? Pick between these three easy choices and you’re almost there. Once chosen it’s simply the task of picking a favourite within that category.

If limited on time or simply want an extra helping hand then as experts in the field we can do all the choices for you. All we need to know is the job role of your staff and a small outline of their work environment and we can pinpoint exactly which workwear suits would enhance their role.

So get stuck in and enjoy choosing your ideal uniform suits or pick up the phone and give Amanda a call on 08450 66 66 99 – you’re only a few steps away from your ideal corporate suits.