Face mask suppliers

face mask suppliersAs the leading UK face mask suppliers, we have a comprehensive and carefully consider a range of facemasks to help keep your staff safe and protected during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Each mask that forms part of our range has clear characteristics and differentiating factors from our other masks, so you can choose the right mask for your organisation easily and quickly. Samples are available of all masks free of charge. All masks also come with quantity price breaks, so whether you need 20, 200 or 1000 you get a fair and competitive price.

If you’re looking for a “good quality basic” mask from your face mask supplier, one that is comfortable, versatile and lightweight, with a price to match, go for our black reusable face mask. This comes in at well under £1 each for the larger quantities, with the benefit of course that you only need to issue one or two for each employee and you’re done – as like all of our masks it is washable and reusable. The fact our masks are re-usable has a huge environmental benefit as well as being very good for your budgets. Disposable masks are a massive problem, with tens of thousands reaching our oceans each week.

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Eco-Friendly Face Masks

Talking of environmental factors, there is an added benefit if you choose our eco face cover. As well as being washable and reusable, it is made using recycled materials. As a face mask supplier, we felt it was really important to do something different to everyone else, and this is one of the only recycled facemasks on the market. Whereas most polyester masks are made from polyester yarn that comes from crude oil, our polyester eco-facemask is made from polyester yarn that comes from recycled plastic bottles. Whilst the polyester is identical in chemical make up and how it looks and feels, it is hugely different for the environment. Not only does it use a lot less energy to make the polyester yarn from recycled sources, but it also avoids one plastic bottle (by recycling it) from going to oceans of landfill for every mask we produce. The eco face cover comes in a colour we refer to as “calm green”, which has proved really popular with our customers and has an anti-bacterial finish for further reassurance of your employees.

face mask suppliersFor those customers wanting a wide choice of colours from their facemask suppliers, perhaps to match their corporate logos, we offer a comfortable and competitively priced facemask that comes in over 20 colours. If there is a particular colour you’d like to see a sample of, just let our friendly helpful sales team know, and they can pop one in the post to you that very day. Just drop us a message on live chat, email or call us up.

Another thing that most facemask suppliers don’t offer is anti-viral face masks. We are pleased and proud to be able to offer a three-layer anti-viral facemask from stock, available in several colours. We felt this should form part of a comprehensive range for any face masks suppliers, giving your staff reassurance by using fabric treated with award-winning Swiss technology that is certified to kill coronavirus.

We have grown to be one of the largest face mask suppliers in the UK by our customer service, ease of contact (live chat, email or phone) and the fact that we send free mask sample packs to organisations wanting to see several of our masks to try out which is best for their staff. We are set up to supply and support all types of businesses and organisations with their face mask as well as wider uniforms requirements, having been in business for over 20 years.


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