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Does My Body Armour Need To Be CE-Marked?

‘Does my body armour need to be CE-Marked?’ is a question that we hear time and time again from employers [...]

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Stab Proof Vests

How Stab Proof Vests Work

In an ideal world nobody would have to get themselves in a situation whereby they risk getting stabbed. Unfortunately this isn’t [...]

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Keltic Body Armour Free Trial

How Effective Is A Stab Vest Against Knife Attack?

The Home Office recommends KR1/SP1 as the level of protection for their police force and this offers a great level [...]

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Congratulations To The Winner Of Our Business Card Competiti

Some of our team recently attended the Chartered Trading Standards Institute Conference. A great day was had by all. We met [...]

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Come And Say Hello At The CTSI Conference!

It’s hotting up  across the UK right now so as you can imagine we are delighted to be in the [...]

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