NEW 10 Year Warranty On Stab Proof Vests!

NEW 10 Year Warranty On Stab Proof Vests!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now able to offer an amazing 10 year warranty on our stab proof vests!

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Our 10 Year Warranty


Conventional armour has the potential to break down when exposed to rain, sun, perspiration or if stored in potentially moist environments such as car boots. This is simply not possible with the superior quality body armour that Keltic offer. That’s why we are able to offer such an impressive warranty. After careful consultation with our raw material suppliers, and after rigorous age-testing, we upgraded the Warranty Period on our KR1/SP1 stab and spike protective vests to an amazing 10 years.


Save Money with our Stab Proof Vests


We are obviously very confident that our body armour will stand the test of time. What this means for you is that the regularity with which you’ll need to replace your staff’s uniform will be far more infrequent than if you were to buy a lesser garment. Clearly this is going to work in your favour when it comes to finances!


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What about HG1 Armour?


HG1 armour is a little different, but a 10 year warranty is still available! HG1 armour can be re-certified after 5 years, for a further 5 years (similar to an MOT on a car) to give a total life of 10 years. And we’re able to do this because just like our KR1/SP1 stab and spike protective vests, our HG1 body armour is made from high-end materials. For this reason it retains its protection levels when wet and when exposed to UV light.

Give Us a Call


We know that purchasing body armour may appear complicated or daunting. There’s lots of jargon to contend with and a wealth of options to choose from. But if you give us a call on 08450666699 we’ll talk you through everything and make your life as easy as possible. Now is a great time to call, as you’ll be able to take advantage of our Summer Special offer of free delivery and collection of samples! Would you rather make an online enquiry? No problem. You can do so here.


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