Why Great Stab Vests Are Great For Business

Why Great Stab Vests Are Great For Business

A stab vest or more precisely a stab proof vest is a type of body armour that is reinforced with special materials to resist blows and knife attacks. It can be worn over or under clothes and is designed to prevent knife penetration. Having your security staff kitted with the best stab vests not only ensures proper safety and protection of your enterprise but also reflects better on your business.

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How Great Stab Vests Help Business


The way that your security guards look is massively important. Just take a look at this great blog post on the topic. It stresses the importance of security guards being dressed in an apt and professional manner. Security guard uniforms vary according to the area of posting and as per the tastes of your client, but one thing that all clients desire if for your security guards to look neat and professional. After all, security guards are among the first persons seen when someone is encountering a company. Having them well kitted with optimal clothing regarding their uniforms and high quality stab vests work towards enhancing the brand image of your company. If your security guards don’t look this way, then you risk your client going elsewhere.



Security Guard Uniforms Vary: So Should Stab Vests


Security guard uniforms vary depending or on the area in which a company operates. For instance, a bank security guard will obviously look different from a departmental store security guard, and the attire of a security guard at a sporting event would be totally different again. People notice when something is not quite right. If a regular black stab vest were to be placed underneath a white shirt, it would be very bulky and show through the white shirt. This would look unprofessional, and reflect negatively on your business. If you were to purchase a stab vest that was made for purpose, however, your security guard would look professional, and reflect in a positive way on your business. Make sure that your security guards’ stab vests match their place of work in order to create the best impression on your clients.


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