How Stab Proof Vests Work

How Stab Proof Vests Work

In an ideal world nobody would have to get themselves in a situation whereby they risk getting stabbed. Unfortunately this isn’t an ideal world, and many people do have to rely on stab proof vests when negotiating dangerous situations. No armour protects against everything, and there is no absolute guarantee of safety, but Stab Vests do actively protect you against attack from a blade or a spike.

Stab Proof Vests: How They Work


They are made from a composite material similar to Kevlar. It’s one of the strongest materials in existence. This is used in both bullet proof vests and stab proof vests, however both of these vests are totally different. A bullet vest will offer no protection against stab attack and a stab vest will not offer you protection against bullet attack. Kevlar is a very strong fibre which when woven together become even stronger and this combined strength makes it very difficult for a blade to penetrate.

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A Pointer: When You Need a New Vest


Hopefully the person wearing the stab proof vest will be doing it out of precaution only and will not ever actually get stabbed. If, however, this does happen then the knife will be stopped by the weft of the fabric in the vest. The vest, however, will be damaged, as some of the fibres will be sliced. We strongly advise, therefore, that if your stab vest has been attacked once then it is prudent to get a new one as it will not offer the same level of protection second time around.

Make Sure Your Vest is Certified


The UK government rates the effectiveness of stab vests. The Home Office (HOSDB) sets standards for the amount of energy from a thrust that a body armour pack must withstand to come up to specification. You should always choose a stab vest that complies with the HOSDB publication guidelines. Doing so will mean that your staff are adequately protected. All of Keltic’s stab vests are CE marked and certified to KR1 and SP1 Home Office knife and spike resistance standards, including syringe and blunt trauma protection. Buying from us means piece of mind that your staff are as safe as possible.

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