Stab Vests: What To Look Out For When Purchasing.

Stab Vests: What To Look Out For When Purchasing.

This article will outline what to look out for when purchasing stab vests, and what factors contribute to good or bad vests.

Weight and Flexibility


One key factor is weight. When your staff express that their vests are uncomfortable, very often what they mean is they are too heavy. Another concern is flexibility – if the vest is rigid or hardened it is much less likely to be comfortable. Flexible vests are also easier to manoeuvre in – therefore the wearer may find it easier to move away from threats.

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Furthermore, it’s crucial to purchase a stab vest which can be adjusted at multiple points. This means that the vest will move with the person wearing it, and offer no resistance. It’s important in this regard that your staff know how to use adjustable vests to their fullest. Good suppliers of stab vests – such as Keltic – will offer training for your staff free of charge to show them the basics of how to adjust and care for their anti stab vests.

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