Branded Corporate Clothing: Still An Effective Marketing Tool?

Branded Corporate Clothing: Still An Effective Marketing Tool?

In 2011 we published an article about the effectiveness of branded corporate clothing as a marketing tool. We referenced a study which found that 74.4% of uniform programs provide better marketing than modern tools such as the internet and TV ads. Five years have passed since this article, and internet marketing has exploded. Bearing this in mind we thought it would be interesting to see how branded wear is faring as a marketing tool in 2016.

Can branded corporate clothing really stand up to digital marketing?


Over the last few years the internet has seen exponential growth. As such there is a plethora of online marketing tools in which businesses are investing more and more money. Selecting and differentiating between these online tools is becoming increasingly difficult. Try googling which online tool is best for your business and you will inevitably encounter conflicting opinions. It can be a real headache.


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Why Not Keep It Simple?


All of this fuss and debate over digital marketing can distract people from the impact of other marketing avenues: the simple, effective ones. Whilst we cannot overestimate the importance of online marketing, we must not forget that the first port of call for your customers is not always the internet: it’s often your staff. Branded corporate clothing provides your business with a consistent brand identity from the very first point of contact.


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Both a Personal and Professional Touch


Your staff are the face of your business, and if you want your customers to view your brand as instantly recognisable and distinguishable from competition, then you must start here. Doing so will indicate to your customers that your company offers not only a professional service, but personal one too. In an increasingly online and depersonalised world, is it not increasingly important to pay attention to the distinctly human side of your business?


Making the most from your money


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Businesses are channelling more and more money into digital marketing. One recent report finds that 77% of companies increased spending on digital marketing in 2015. The cost of branded wear as a marketing tool, though, is unchanging, and tiny in comparison.


In Summary


When we consider the effectiveness, simplicity and cheapness of branded corporate clothing, it becomes clear that this is a marketing underdog that should not be overlooked!


Your thoughts


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