Corporate Uniform: Why Try Before You Buy Is A Must!

Corporate Uniform: Why Try Before You Buy Is A Must!

Finding the right corporate uniform for your staff can be difficult. There are many factors to contend with. Demanding bosses and fussy colleagues are not the least of your concern, and then there’s the pressure of making sure the uniform matches the job role, projects the brand image and stands the test of time. Keeping this all in mind whilst deliberating the overwhelming range of options can get a little stressful. Hence our advice of the week: ‘try before you buy’!


lady in corporate uniform looks in mirror


There’s been an interesting study undertaken recently on uniforms and employee satisfaction. It finds that employees who enjoy wearing their uniform are more likely to have the following attitudes towards their work:


– higher self-perceptions of job performance

– positive attitudes towards their role

– higher levels of job satisfaction


The positive repercussions of these kinds of attitudes are manifold, but put simply the happier your staff are, the smoother your business will run. If acquiring a desirable corporate uniform for your staff is something that can influence this, then why not make it a priority?


Keep Corporate Uniform Shopping Simple


When we’re shopping for clothes on the high street, almost all of us duck into the changing room to make sure that our item is really what we’re after. These few moments have a large impact on whether or not we are pleased with our purchase when we arrive home. Why, then, should we change this effective ‘try before you buy’ formula during the purchase of corporate uniforms? Our answer at Keltic is simple: we shouldn’t! We are aware that uniforms always look great on the model in the brochure but in real life, different styles suit different people, so trying your uniforms prior to purchase ensures that you and your staff are definitely going to be happy with your choice.


lady in a corporate uniform stands next to mirror


How it Works


Once you and your staff have narrowed down your options (see our blog post ‘How to find the ideal suit for your staff‘ if you need help), then select one or two ranges that you feel would be suitable and we’ll get samples out to you as fast as we can. We recommend that you choose the average size in your team and allow one member of staff to try on the uniforms to see which is the most suitable.

As the UK’s leading corporate clothing supplier we believe that ‘try before you buy’ is key to ensuring all of your staff are comfortable in their corporate uniform. Providing samples allows your staff to feel involved in the decision and also gives you the feel for what uniform would be suitable for your working environment.


Over to You


If you would like to try before you buy, or if you have any other enquiry, then just give one of our friendly staff members a call on 08450 66 66 99. Alternatively you can make an online enquiry here. If this article has been useful to you, or if you have any questions, then we’d love to read your comments below.