Clothes Can Do A Job – See What Your Corporate Wear Can Do For You!

Clothes Can Do A Job – See What Your Corporate Wear Can Do For You!

“Clothes can ‘do a job’. A well-cut suit can make you look slimmer, taller, sexier, more elegant or business-like”. Sir Paul Smith.

What a great description of what the best corporate wear can do for your staff and your organisation! Sir Paul Smith has enjoyed global success and won numerous design awards – who better to take inspiration from?

The winner of last year’s Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design Award has inspired our latest ranges of corporatewear. We wholeheartedly agree that “Clothes can ‘do a job’” – all our collections are designed not only to do a job for the individual wearer – by giving them smart workwear they’re proud to wear, but also to do a job for the organisation they work for, presenting customer-facing staff as  a sophisticated, unified team.

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Choose the right corporate wear for full potential

For the individual, wearing a well-made, modern suit that’s well-cut makes you feel the most confident person in the world. And our clients tell us time and again, the right corporate wear can make a big difference not only to how staff carry themselves, but also to the public’s impression of the organisation as a whole.

Another great job that the right corporate wear suits can do is saving money! By choosing the right corporatewear suits for the particular job role that staff are doing, you’ll get the very best performance. For example our Endurance collection is four times more durable than other workwear suits, meaning staff who work in demanding work environments, will have the guarantee that their clothing will be working for their needs.

The latest fabric technology, as seen in our Endurance and Performance collections means that workwear is now lasting longer and longer if it is cared for correctly, meaning less expenditure on renewing uniforms each year.

To find out which of our ranges will work best for your staff, let our expert help you hand pick the right corporate wear to provide the best potential for your role. Call us on 01922 70 99 22 for further guidance.