Branding Your Business Through A Company Uniform

Branding Your Business Through A Company Uniform

A lot has changed over recent decades with regards to company uniforms. Businesses have gradually realised the significance a company uniform has when it comes to branding. Here are some pointers on how to go about selecting your uniform for the purposes of branding.


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Why is a Company Uniform Important?


When it comes to your staff, a unified front is imperative. Your employees represent your company, and your company image should be clear and positive. Your company needs to be marketed as a brand. As supported by this brilliant article, corporate clothing can be used very effectively as a marketing tool. Here’s why:

  • Staff uniforms can be structured as part of a brand building campaign, by incorporating the colour scheme, logo, and mission statement of your company. You can reach out to a wider target audience by doing so. Moreover, when your company uniform is flaunted in front of potential clients and business contacts, they render a definite image of your organisation.
  • Garments made especially for staff also have another advantage – it promotes equality and team spirit when you distribute similar uniforms depending on the department and designation. A standard uniform allows for better bonding among employees and they are likely to work more in sync with each other. The team in turn gains more stability.

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Tips to Remember when Considering your Company Uniform



The colour is extremely important here – it should be apt for your business and also your brand. Buying funky uniforms is a complete no-no unless it goes with your other marketing and branding. If it is for something specific like security uniforms then try and stick to basic shades of blue, black, white, and grey. Security uniforms shouldn’t be distracting to people who come to your office – the wearer should be looked upon as an authority figure.


Uniforms for work are bound to undergo a lot of wear and tear as they are exposed to environments that range from hot and humid to being extremely cold. At times, they have to withstand dirt and dust as well. The fabric should be strong and durable so it doesn’t fade, snag, or tear in just a few weeks or months. Staff are at work for long periods so the fabrics should be comfortable and durable.


The one-size-fits-all concept will not work here, because the sizes will differ depending on whether the person is a male or female and also how they are built. Custom-made garments should be ordered after recording detailed measurements, because these uniforms will be worn for 8+ hours at a stretch on a daily basis, so they need to fit well.


A reputed dealer will always provide a warranty for all products that are sold. Check if they have a return policy and whether they make alterations if necessary. This is important in case you have to re-order a particular size or return an outfit that doesn’t fit.

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Where Do We Come In?


Keltic Clothing is a UK based, reputed supplier of quality staff uniforms at a reasonable cost so you can create your own range of corporate clothing or security uniforms or any type of standard workwear you wish. You can easily get your company logo or design embossed on the uniforms – all you have to do is mention the requirements while placing the order. Look through our collection at leisure, take your pick, and place the order – the sooner you complete your order, the earlier we can begin processing and subsequently dispatching the shipment. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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