The Importance Of Wearing A Workwear Suit

The Importance Of Wearing A Workwear Suit

Though it seems Spring is on the horizon, the temperatures aren’t quite there yet and cold weather definitely isn’t taking a hike any time soon. With the cold winds and frosty mornings we are feeling thankful for our workwear suit jackets at the moment. With a few new suits being released in our range this year, it’s got us thinking how important wearing a suit can be and the affect this has on perceptions.



One of the main places you will find someone wearing a suit is in the workplace, from the office to the board meeting, a well fitted workwear suit can command attention and authority. The suit radiates a smart and sophisticated presence around the wearer; with typical assumptions of others being that they have made an effort for a reason and must hold a role of importance. When we think of high flying, executive board meetings the last thing you would picture are the attendees wearing jeans and a t-shirt. There is of course nothing wrong with jeans and t-shirt attire in the right environment, but public and personal perceptions over time have taught us to expect a person of high calibre to be wearing either a bespoke made or well-fitted, tailored suit.


cassino mens mid blue workwear suit from sophisticated suit collection


Even the whole act of putting on a suit and ensuring your overall appearance is sharp can change the way the wearer perceives themselves; they feel more powerful and more in control. The age old phrase ‘dress for success’ still applies now in almost every aspect of life. Referring to a study in an article published by Psychology Today, they discuss how subjects were asked their perception of images of both men and women in either an ‘off the peg’ or a bespoke tailored suit, resulting in images of a man in a bespoke tailored suit being perceived more favourably. “They rated him as more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner in a tailor made suit than when he wore a high street equivalent.” This brings the point that a well made, well fitting suit is just as important for making the right impression as wearing a suit itself.


Workwear Suit Styles


Depending on personal preference and style, there are many suit options that can suit the wearer’s requirements, from plain to pinstripe, regular fit to slim fit, charcoal to navy; there is something for everyone who wishes to purchase a suit. Looking at our Sophisticated suit collection, this is the perfect example of stylish, classic suits appropriate for everyday wear which are sure to make a statement in the workplace. Due to the popularity of the collection over the past few years a brand new mid-blue colour option has now been launched for 2016 which is very fashion orientated and in keeping with the latest suit trends.


cassino mid blue mens workwear suit jacket from sophisticated suit collection

Above is one image from the collection. It offers an example of a stunning, well fitting suit that doesn’t break budgets. The tailored fit suits are amongst the many options you can find from a reputable supplier, making the point that it isn’t difficult to find something suitable for your needs and body shape.


In Conclusion


Whether we like it or not, wearing a workwear suit makes a strong statement; so much so that there aren’t many formal establishments now that do without them. The importance of suit attire is extremely high with colleague and public perceptions and should be embraced.


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