How To Care For Your Office Suits

How To Care For Your Office Suits

Below are our great tips on the care and cleaning of your suits. By following these easy care instructions, you will guarantee to maintain the looks of your tailored office suit.

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care for your Office suits

For weekly care always rotate your garments. After each wear, brush your jacket and hang it up on a hanger that fits the shoulders.



Washcare instructions for your office suits:

1. Empty all pockets and remove any badges from your jacket.  Place garments into the washing machine with garments made from the same fabric and colour only.

2.  Machine wash as wool on 30degree setting and short spin cycle.

3.  Remove Garments immediately from the machine when the wash is finished.

4.  To Dry: place the jacket back on the hanger; shake into shape by gently straightening the seams.

5. Fold the trousers to the front creases and hang on a separate hanger.

6. Allow both garments to dry naturally.

7. Do not tumble dry.

Finishing: If required, press the garments using a cool iron over a damp cloth.

We recommend washing your office suit jacket between 4-6 times per year.  If your jacket is badly stained you should have it professionally dry cleaned.  Washing and cleaning too often will reduce the life of all clothing.

It is a good idea to have your jacket pressed professionally at the dry cleaners once a year to reinvigorate the jacket and give it that factory finished look it had when new.

We hope this advice comes in useful, for further information on our office suits or further garments feel free to contact us – were here to help!