Sophisticated Suits | Slinfold Golf And Country Club

Sophisticated Suits | Slinfold Golf And Country Club

As a leading supplier of corporate suits, Keltic have a suit to match every requirement. Because we know that choosing between suits can be tricky, we offer three distinct suit collections which we split into three simple categories: durable basic, luxury fashion and best of both. Our luxury fashion collection is entitled The Sophisticated Collection. It is a great collection for higher-end roles as well as for reception staff. One customer who orders from this collection is Slinfold Golf and Country Club. In need of new uniforms for their reception staff, the club recently made a new order with us, and as pictured below they are thrilled with their sophisticated new suits!

sophisticated suits | slinfold golf and country club

Who are Slinfold Golf and Country Club?


Sussex-based Slinfold Golf and Country Club is home to a widely renowned golf course. It boasts 165 acres of woodland and mature parkland, with stunning scenery in every direction. Their many members love visiting the club to take advantage of the beautiful course as well as the many luxury facilities offered by its health club.

The Club’s Sophisticated Suits


First ordering with us in November 2015, Slinfold Golf and Country Club love the suits in our Sophisticated Collection. As the name suggests, these suits are all about sophistication. They are perfect for reception staff because they send out a great first impression. As the initial face of a company, it’s important that reception staff give off the right image. The suits in our Sophisticated Collection are perfect for this, and especially perfect for a company that offers luxurious products or services. This is the case with Slinfold Golf and Country Club, whose fashionable and elegant new suits are reflective of the luxurious environment that they have worked hard to cultivate.

Thanks Slinfold Golf and Country Club!


Many thanks to Slinfold Golf and Country Club for sending over the above photograph of their reception staff in their new suits. We are really glad that you are so happy with them, and we look forward to working with you again soon!

If you would like some sophisticated suits of your own, why not browse The Sophisticated Collection here.  If you’d like any more information, or if you have an enquiry, simply give one of our friendly staff members a call on 08450 66 66 99.