Why Are Corporate Suits A Vital Part Of Your Wardrobe?

Why Are Corporate Suits A Vital Part Of Your Wardrobe?

Impressions matter a great deal in the corporate world – if you wear shabby and unimpressive clothes to work, you may be perceived in a negative way by your colleagues and bosses, even if your record is exemplary. In fact, many companies have made it mandatory to wear suits in the office. In this article we’ll explore the ways that wearing corporate suits can enhance the impression you make at work.

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Creating a Corporate Identity


Suits have traditionally been thought of as clothing for men. Today, however, the trend has changed. Many women also wear sleek and stylish suits in the office. It creates a perception of intelligence and sophistication, becoming a part of that person’s work identity. This perception can be vital when coordinating important meetings and during client presentations. Your company’s image is also associated with how you look. Imagine the different impression a client would make of a company if their staff members greeted them in baggy t-shirts and jeans as opposed to a smart corporate suit.

Improve on confidence


The corporate world thrives on self-esteem and confidence – you can’t fumble or falter while negotiating deals worth millions of dollars! You need to be steady on your feet in the most critical of times, without slipping up in any way, and a corporate suit definitely modifies the mood and demeanour of the person who wears it. Just read this great article on dressing for success. It reiterates what you already know: you walk with a spring in your step and unmatched poise in a custom-made suit!

Epitome of fashion


Who says you can’t be fashionable while wearing suits? Corporate suits are topping the lists of many fashion trends these days, with a plethora of designs and styles available on the market. For example a classic black suit and trousers with a white shirt and blue tie not only makes a fashion statement but also highlights your overall appearance. As for women, they can choose the stylish combination of a cream shirt with a grey suit and matching skirt. Three-piece corporate suits for men are also in great demand nowadays, and they look amazing at corporate events when you are interacting with top-level management as well as clients. You get to experiment with different colours and patterns, too.


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Blunders to Avoid When Ordering Corporate Suits for Employees


Are you looking to buy corporate clothing for your employees? This can be a tough task indeed, as they are an integral part of company, which goes on to influence the image of the organisation in the minds of clients. Your employees subtly promote the brand and are motivated for better teamwork and unity in the company.

That’s why we wanted to point out some blunders that employers tend to make while choosing outfits. Here’s what to avoid:

  • Don’t confuse cheap with inexpensive – there are some great deals and discounts offered on corporate clothing at online retailers since you are buying in bulk. The right purchase doesn’t depend on price alone – you need to consider the quality of the material, if the outfits look professional, and are crisply tailored as per your requirements.
  • Whilst you are their boss and have the final say on everything, be considerate to ask for the input of employees. They will be the ones wearing the outfits so their opinion is important. Furthermore, having your staff discuss which corporate suits they like best can act as a team-building exercise.
  • Fabric is an integral part of corporate clothing. Which fabric to choose depends on the type of work being done in your company. For example, is a major part of your staff’s work done outdoors? This calls for a highly durable fabric. Or do they come in contact with chemicals that require a thick and strong material? The fabric needs to be resistant to wrinkles & stain, and shouldn’t snag or fade after a few weeks of use.
  • Your employees represent your company, so they need to make a favourable impression on clients visiting the office. A bright, garish colour that blinds the eyes isn’t what you are looking for! It is advisable to buy single colour uniforms of pastel shades and subtle hues. The colour should also be in sync with your brand image.
  • Each employee contributes to the success of your company in their own way: they are an asset. Show them that they are valuable – don’t go for a standard size, when you could order sizes and styles as per their measurements. Alterations should be avoided as much as possible, as this only causes stress. Custom-sized clothes also save you the headache of returning them and ordering fresh products.

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Ordering From Keltic


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