How To Keep Your Staff Warm This Winter | Winter Workwear

How To Keep Your Staff Warm This Winter | Winter Workwear

Happy new year to all of our customers! We hope you had a lovely Christmas! After a restful break the team at Keltic are enjoying getting back into the rhythm of working life. There’s one thing that we’re not so keen on, though – the cold! After the mild weather we had over the Christmas period, temperatures are plunging at the moment. With some really wintry weather on the horizon, you’ll want to double check that your staff workwear is resilient to the cold. In this article we’ll advise on the kinds of garments that could really make a difference to your staff uniform’s warmth and comfort. Firstly we’ll address outdoor wear (for security guards, wardens and SCPs) and then we’ll turn to indoor corporate wear.

 winter workwear


How to Keep Outdoor Staff Warm


  • Security and parking Staff

If your staff work outdoors as patrols, then they are particularly vulnerable to the elements. By adding layers to their uniform you can make sure that they are properly insulated against the cold. Keltic stock a wide range of mid-layers. A popular item is our Wool/Acrylic Nato Jumper, pictured below. Made from 50% superwash ribbed wool, it is designed for the cold.

nato jumper workwear

In terms of outerwear, our Patrol Anorak is extremely high performing. It’s a long uniform jacket and provides superb protection from inclement weather conditions – perfect for parking, wardens and security staff out in the elements for long periods.


patrol anorak workwear

  • School Crossing Patrol Staff


Highly exposed to the weather, SPC’s know the importance of the right attire. Our School Crossing Patrol range features some great weather-resistant garments. Our Superior Stop Jacket has a shaped high collar and is eight times more waterproof (and many times more breathable) than the highest European standard.

superior stop jacket workwear

  • Funeral Directors Staff


When it comes to funeral wear, we’ve got it covered too. OurMen’s Funeral Overcoat is tailored from a wool cashmere blend, offering excellent heat insulation.


men's funeral overcoat workwear


Our Ladies Funeral Overcoat – which is satin lined and features a hand stitched edge – also offers superior warmth.


ladies funeral overcoat workwear

A lot of heat is lost through the hands. For those extra cold days we therefore stock quality leather gloves. These are ideal for all roles including drivers and conductors.


leather gloves workwear


How to Keep Indoor Staff Warm


  • Office Staff


It can be difficult – and expensive – to keep office buildings consistently well-heated. Why not consider adding knitwear to your staff’s corporate uniform to help them keep warm this winter. For ladies wear, a popular garment is our Kristin Cardigan. It’s a Long sleeve V-neck cardigan with rib detail and gently fitted body shape – a perfect mid-layer option to incorporate into your female staff’s winter workwear.


kristin cardigan workwear


An equivalent for your male staff could be our popular Slim Fitted Knitted Jumper. It’s a long sleeve V-neck jumper in a modern slim fit style, made from soft-feel and cotton-rich yarn.


slim fitted knitted jumper workwear


Fleeces and Soft Shell Jackets are also a great way to keep warm. Our Standard Corporate Softshell Fleece is made from a deluxe fabric. It is light weight, soft and high-stretch. It features a comfortable active cut, with a Microfleece inner for extra warmth.


standard corporate softshell fleece workwear


Need Some Winter Workwear?


If you would like to try any of our winter workwear before you buy it, then why not request a free sample? Just give one of our friendly staff members a call on 08450 66 66 99. Alternatively you can make an online enquiry here. If this article has been useful to you, or if you have any questions, then we’d love to read your comments below!