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why your business still needs face masks

Why Your Business Still Needs Face Masks

In some locations, such as a crowded supermarket, people have reported feeling more comfortable when they and those around them are wearing face coverings. [...]

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branded neckwarmers

Why Branded Snoods And Neckwarmers Are The Winter Wear Essen

The benefits of wearing a scarf or neck warmer in cold weather are that wearers can stay warm and look good. The snood is versatile and can be worn... [...]

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stay safe in a snood

Stay Safe In A Snood

As the weather gets colder, we can’t help but reflect back on the year we’ve had. There are big changes to consider, but also the small ones that impact... [...]

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Face Coverings For Work That Work

It's strange times we're living through, and even stranger to think that we're now seven months into living with coronavirus. In those seven months, we've learned a lot about... [...]

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