Black Face Masks For Your Staff

Black Face Masks For Your Staff

Black face masks for your staff, from 75p

reusable face masks

Our black face covers are designed to be suitable for almost any non-medical workplace. When designed our lightweight black facemasks our main aim was that they be versatile, lightweight and comfortable. These reusable black face masks come in their own individual compostable bag to avoid contamination when issuing them out to staff, and are one of our most popular face masks, as well as our most competitively priced. These washable black face covers start at 75p each.

To avoid the needless toll of millions of disposable masks being thrown away each week, we have made our re-usable black facemasks fully washable, meaning your staff can use them again and again. With disposable masks it’s so wasteful giving a new mask every single day or more, when for just 75p you can have a black reusable face mask that can be used again and again, saving you a fortune. These black washable face covers also won’t cost the earth in other ways, coming in a fully compostable wrapper.

Re-usable Black Facemasks

Our incredibly versatile re-usable black facemasks are ideal for all non-medical roles, and as we are now ramping up for the coronavirus restrictions to ease, and coming towards Summer, the lightweight nature of these black reusable face masks is coming into its own even further. If you’d like a sample black reusable face cover for your staff to try on to check they are happy with it please get in touch.

We are always happy to take enquiries via livechat during office hours regarding our black washable face masks, just get in touch via the website or you can always email. We feel confident that your workforce will feel the benefit of a lightweight super-comfortable washable black facemask that they can keep in their pocket (one to wear, one in the wash), all for barely more than the cost of a disposable, and not having to buy out washable black face cover again and again, either!

Re-usable black facemasks have proved popular with a wide range of industries, from hospitality to security, from customer service to simple office work. All report the benefits of the lightweight nature of our black reusable face mask, as well as appreciating the vastly reduced environmental cost of having a washable black facemask rather than a disposable.

Reusable Black Face Covers

We would love to chat with you further about our reusable black facecovers, either on the phone or via email. You can also livechat us your questions about our black face covers, and get them answered by real people in real time. Other customers who have purchased our black face mask have also reported that they found this both useful and refreshing.

Our sales staff are on-hand during office hours and will happily pop a sample black re-usable face cover in the post to you, so you can see the quality and value for yourself. What people say about them is, they’re hassle free, and also when you don’t need to wear our black facemasks you can simply put them in your pocket and they hardly take up any space.

Even if one of your staff loses their reusable black face mask, you can issue out another one with very little cost involved, and if you need your black reusable face covers logo’d, that’s no problem either. You will be able to see samples of logo’d black washable facemasks that we’ve produced for other customers on this website.

If you’d like a sample washable black facecover with a logo, just let us know, and likewise if you’d like sample re-usable black face covers putting in the post for your staff just let us know. Black reusable face masks go with any uniform, in face a large percentage of the uniforms we supply to our customers are black, so our washable black face mask has fitted right in.