Company Body Armour / Security Body Armour

Company Body Armour / Security Body Armour

If you’re looking to purchase company body armour for your staff, whether they are a security team, local authority employees or corporate bodyarmour or another type of large organisation, there are a handful of key questions for you to consider, which in addition to your internal risk assessment will point to the type of security body armour that’s right for you. Our handy “body armour buyer’s guide” is downloadable from our website and will help you to decide which type of British body armour is right for you, in combination with your health and safety risk assessment.

What is your body armour made of?

All our armour, including all covert and overt body armour, is made here in the U.K. from an advanced composite of very high tensile fibres and thermoplastic resin that has both incredible toughness & durability. The composite material is similar to Kevlar body armour, but is exclusively designed by our U.K. manufacturer and covered by a global patent. The composite material, as with kevlar body armor, is then “layered-up” in multiple layers in our U.K. factory, giving a finished product that is not only very strong but is crucially also very flexible, meaning that the wearers can be comfortable whilst doing their duties, and not have to “watch what they do” or have their movement impeded. We feel that it’s very important that wearers feel comfortable and happy to wear our British body armour for all of their duties, whether that be moving around, sitting down, driving etc As with Kevlar body armour, this is fully the case with our products, however it isn’t the case with other company body armour on the market, which is rigid, inflexible and therefore uncomfortable to wear for many duties.

Is your product a Kevlar stab vest?

Kevlar is a type of trademarked composite material that is used for making all sorts of things, from tyres to Kevlar stab vests. Similar to how Hoover is often used as a word to refer to any type of vacuum cleaner, sometimes people refer to stab vests and Kevlar stab vests synonymously. In fact there are lots of different materials used to make armour these days, and the key things to consider are whether a product has Home Office certification at the required protection level and whether it is lightweight and flexible. This is of primary relevance, whether it is a “Kevlar stab vest” ie made with a Kevlar composite or another type of composite, is at best secondary to these factors.

If you are considering what type of company body armour to issue, why not download our buyer’s guide as a starting point, to use in conjunction with your risk assessment.

Do you supply female body armor?

Yes we do, and whilst all our armour is unisex, in certain cases we would recommend a specific “female-fitting” armour – the best thing to do is get in touch with us if specialist female body armor is something you’d like further information on. Whilst our stock product will fit the majority of female wearers, this specialist female body armor, which makes specific allowances for the female shape, in addition to the fact that our armour is already very flexible. This means that all wearers can be easily catered for, whether it is security bodyarmour, or covert or overt body armour you require, all is covered by a specialist female fit when required.

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British body armour

Unlike many competitors, our armour is made in the U.K., so you can be assured of British-made quality, and in fact if you have a large requirement we would be happy to arrange for a walk-around our U.K. production facility so you can see our British body armour actually being made.

Our staff are available to discuss your security body armour requirements either via phone, email or live chat between 9am and 5.30pm. We can happily answer any questions not found on our website and can also arrange for a sample or free trial of any of the covert or overt body armour shown.