Corporate Clothing Post-Covid

Corporate Clothing Post-Covid

There’s no question that the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives and that some changes are likely to continue into the future. Hygiene and protection against viruses are naturally at the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially in the workplace. As a result, one area where the pandemic is having an effect is how we approach corporate workwear.

Having the right work uniform is important for a wide variety of reasons, including protecting the health of staff, customers, and visitors as we move forward. It’s worth putting some serious thought into choosing a uniform that meets the needs of your team and business and fulfils the requirements of life after Covid. Let’s explore the future of corporate clothing post-Covid.

Maintaining hygiene in the workplace

Maintaining good standards of hygiene is vital for infection control in any workplace. Of course, an outbreak of Covid infections at your site could have an impact on business operations and lead to a loss of income. Putting appropriate precautions in place also increases confidence for both your staff and your visitors or customers. This means it’s vital to implement the right measures, and the workwear and corporate uniforms you choose can play a role in keeping everyone safe. As we move into a post-Covid future, workwear that’s compatible with anti-viral sprays is increasingly in demand.

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Anti-viral sprays kill viruses and are applied directly to clothing, offering protection to the wearer as they work. The key here is getting the materials right – the chemicals within the sprays can damage some conventional fabrics, and replacing uniforms regularly can quickly become costly and damage your sustainability credentials! Sustainability is of increasing importance to many organisations, and therefore choosing corporate clothing that works with anti-viral protection measures, or that has these measures built-in, is essential.

Our modern workwear is a leader in this area. These contemporary styles are made from recycled and natural materials, putting sustainability at the forefront of your work uniforms. These materials can also be used in combination with anti-viral protection. It’s an all-around winner – corporate workwear that’s sustainable, stylish, and safe.

A sense of belonging

The pandemic is synonymous with isolation, but moving into a post-Covid world means people coming together again, including work teams. Since the pandemic began, you might have new staff who have had limited contact with other colleagues, or your team might have been separated for a long time. Studies have shown that a large number of workers feel anxious about returning to the workplace.

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We already know that work uniforms can help to create a sense of cohesion and equality – that’s more important now than ever. Professional corporate clothing can help your teams to come together again and help new colleagues to feel like part of the group. The ideal uniform looks smart, communicates your brand, and makes team members feel comfortable and confident too.

When you need a smart corporate uniform that fulfils these criteria, our corporate suits collection is full of great options. Various styles are available to meet the needs of different brands, from classic to modern. Within each style, there are a variety of clothing pieces to choose from, giving options for both male and female staff. The choice even comes down to different jacket and trouser options. Our collections acknowledge differing style preferences – choose individual pieces that best meet your requirements or allow your team members to make their own decisions about which pieces they feel most comfortable in. Giving your team some choice here can increase their motivation and engagement too.

Making teams comfortable

As we navigate working life post-Covid, the overall wellbeing of employees is becoming of increasing importance to organisations. Making sure employees feel comfortable and supported is important; it can increase employee loyalty, and improve the reputation of the organisation. Added to that, employees who feel physically comfortable are more likely to perform well. Companies are introducing wellbeing measures in a wide variety of different ways, from wellbeing classes or gym memberships to access to mental health services. Work uniforms can also play a part in supporting your teams in this way.

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Our varied collections of corporate clothing mean you can give staff some element of freedom over their work uniform. This allows them to express some individuality whilst still conforming to a cohesive corporate look. Our collections are carefully designed to ensure that different pieces work well together, can be combined in different ways, and that your staff still look like a professional team even when their exact uniforms differ slightly. Allowing staff to be themselves at work can have a powerful impact on their wellbeing.

Another way of ensuring the comfort of your team members is through our corporate knitwear. These pieces feel comfortable to wear and keep employees warm, whether they’re working inside or outside. It might seem like a small gesture to provide a jumper or cardigan as part of a work uniform, but it’s one cost-effective way to make sure that your staff have what they need to work successfully. These pieces are versatile too – they can be incorporated into a more formal corporate uniform with pieces from our suits collection, or work well as part of more casual workwear. Like our other collections, there are a variety of styles on offer, with options to suit different businesses and individual employees.

Communicating your brand

A further reason why corporate workwear has always been of importance is that it’s a highly effective way to communicate your brand. An effective work uniform often involves thinking carefully about colour, reflecting the colours of the organisation’s branding. Colour can have a psychological impact, so an organisation’s work uniforms can influence the feelings and behaviour of customers or visitors. Do you want your uniform to be calm and authoritative or sophisticated and regal?

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We offer a choice of colours for corporate workwear, such as sweatshirts and t-shirts. There’s no need to stick to a simple black or white option when you can make your uniform a cohesive part of your brand. Our workwear means you’re free to find options that suit your industry or organisation. Added to that, we can add your branding to corporate workwear items. This is also the case across many of our other collections. This makes it explicitly clear what your uniform represents.

Whilst corporate clothing can communicate your brand in a literal way, the style you choose also reflects the brand and its ethos. Going forward, workwear needs to communicate the feel of the company so it can build trust with customers – are you laid-back and fun or smart and professional? Our collection of corporate shirts and blouses includes a range of styles that are great teamed with suit pieces when you’re looking for a sophisticated professional look. These pieces indicate that the brand is trustworthy and serious. In contrast, our corporate workwear collection conveys a more relaxed and casual feel. The right look can help you attract the customers you really want.

Being fashion-forward

Just as the work landscape has changed, fashion trends are constantly evolving. A stylish and contemporary work uniform can make team members feel confident, whilst also demonstrating that the organisation is modern and progressive. The days of shapeless suits and one-size-fits-all uniform pieces are a thing of the past – staff members today want to look and feel good and be able to perform effectively without being hindered by their uniform. If your team feel great about putting on and wearing their uniform they’re more likely to perform well and be motivated to succeed.

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From classic styles to modern designs, our corporate workwear is designed to look good as well as function well. You can see the attention to detail in particular in our range of corporate suits and shirts and blouses, with style details that add something extra. Choosing stylish and well-made uniforms for your teams demonstrates that you’re willing to invest in them. It also communicates to visitors, partners, and customers that your brand is current and moves with the times. This is likely to instil confidence and could win you more business.

Get the right corporate workwear

The work landscape has certainly changed since 2020, but work uniforms have retained their importance and perhaps have even more value today. The future of corporate workwear places wellbeing and identity at the heart of our uniform choices. No matter the style, Keltic Clothing offers corporate clothing that’s suitable for your brand and suitable for a post-Covid era. Take a look at our corporate wear collections to discover the diverse range of styles we have to offer.

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If you need more information about any of the styles available or you simply need some advice on choosing the right corporate clothing for your business needs, get in touch today. Our team are workwear specialists and are always happy to advise you further on our products and services and recommend options for your team.