Covid-19 Face Masks For All Job Roles From The Expert Uniform Suppliers

Covid-19 Face Masks For All Job Roles From The Expert Uniform Suppliers

anti viral masks
Anti Viral Masks

Keltic has been supplying uniforms for all types of staff for 20 years. During this pandemic, we have extended that to supplying face masks for protection against coronavirus – for all types of employees – from face masks for office workers and administration staff, to face masks for cleaners and maintenance staff.

Our customers have naturally looked to us to supply them with face masks appropriate for their staff in the pandemic, to go with their uniforms, and we have also seen new customers come to us, for that level of reassurance, knowing we will be supplying the right designs, whether it is face masks for security guards, face masks for hotel staff, or face masks for construction workers.

Our recommendation is to take a look at our Covid 19 infection control range, and request a free sample, so you can trial the mask that you like the look of, and check that it’s right for your staff. Our face masks are designed to last, and they’re designed to be worn for long periods of time and remain protective against corona virus infection and comfortable. Whether it’s face masks for funeral directors, face masks for engineers, or face masks for staff who work in an office, this will give you the level of reassurance you need before committing to placing an order.

So far during this pandemic, as well as the job roles already mentioned, we’ve supplied face masks for all types of workers – too many to list but it includes face masks for receptionists, face masks for maintenance staff, face masks for grounds staff, face masks for retail staff, face masks for teachers, face masks for care staff, face masks for factory workers, face masks for managers, face masks for council workers, face masks for food workers and face masks for hospitality staff.

Why not live chat us with any quick questions you might have on your mind, such as “what is the right type of face mask for technical staff”, and we’ll suggest one or two that you might like to try. You might not be sure about face masks for operational staff, and our sales advisors could give examples of other organisations we supply in the same field. Or it may be face masks for education – whatever it is, we’ll be able to send you a sample or two to look at, no obligation, and you can try them out and make the decision for yourself.

So if you’ve been asking the question “I need face masks for my staff, what type should I issue?”, why not give us a call and we’ll chat with you about what masks other customers in your sector have issued to their staff, and most of all we’ll listen to the specifics about your workplace and wearers. We’re here to assist with all enquiries about face masks for workers of any and every type.