Customise Your Face Masks

Customise Your Face Masks

Can you customise face masks?

Yes, face masks can be customised in a number of ways. Custom face masks can be printed, which is where a logo or other design is printed on to an existing mask. Alternatively instead of printing, a design can be embroidered with thread onto the mask using a special embroidery machine. Another way is that the custom face mask can be entirely bespoke, with the design, fabric and colours of the mask being designed by you from scratch. We offer all three options, with the most popular being printed face masks. Most companies when looking for customised face masks to help protect their staff during the current coronavirus pandemic go for printing as it is fast, professional and cost effective.

How much do custom face masks cost?

The cost of a customised face mask will depend on the number of colours you need your logo or design to have, the type of mask you require, and the number of masks you’re looking to purchase. A rough guide would be that customised face covers can cost as little as £1 if you are looking for thousands of a basic mask with a one colour design, or if you are looking for a small number of masks with multiple colours, it can cost £5 or more. If you’re looking for a number of customised face covers for your workforce, as opposed to just one or two for yourself, we would recommend you get hold of a few samples from a reputable supplier to check the quality and comfort before placing an order. We offer free mask sample packs – if this would be useful for you, just live chat, email or call and let us have your address and we’ll pop a sample pack in the post.

Does Vistaprint make face masks?

There are lots of companies who previously did other things that have now expanded in to the face mask market. We haven’t tried them all, and most masks will be fine to wear for short periods regardless of quality and design. All we would recommend is, if you’re looking for a customised face cover uk supplier for masks to help protect your workforce, is to get a sample so you can “try before you buy”. This is a service we offer, and we also offer the assurance of being able to talk to one of our friendly sales advisors throughout the day about the types of roles your staff are performing during their work days. Our staff can then advise which of our masks might be good for you to sample. All of this is without obligation.

The difference between us and the online or high street retailers is that we are specialised in supplying workwear and accessories, so we have designed and manufactured our customised face covers uk in designs that are specifically intended to be worn for work performing a varied range of work duties for long periods. So if you choose to trial one of our masks, you can be assured that it will be comfortable and durable, so when you decide to add your logo and make it a custom made face mask for your staff, you will be certain you have made the right choice. Also, our masks are made to be re-used again and again so are very cost effective, as you only need to buy one per employee. A Customised washable face mask is the piece of kit that keeps on giving and giving – as compared to disposable face masks – all they give is a problem, with millions of them now washing up in our oceans.

Personalized printed face cover

When looking for a custom made washable face mask, there may also be other considerations, for instance, do you want it to be anti viral? Or anti bacterial? We have these available – if you’d like any advice, or for one of our team to walk you through our range, just live chat, email or call. Choosing the right custom made re-usable face cover is an important decision, but we can take the pressure off by sending you samples for your staff to look at and try on, to check they’re fully happy with the style before we go ahead and logo your Branded face masks. Don’t forget that a Branded face mask is also a great way to promote the professionalism of your organisation, or any message you want to put across, so it’s important to pick the right facemask from that point of view as well.

What is the best home made face mask?

When we are talking about personalised face covers, we are mainly talking about face covers made to your organisation’s design, to help protect your staff and colleagues from COVID-19. If you are taking personalised face mask to mean literally a mask that you make yourself, you might be better looking at some of the larger sewing blogs to find a design that you feel is right for you and your skill set. Personalized face masks are a very, erm, personal thing, so it’s very much down to the individual which type of facemask they would feel more comfortable wearing.

If you are looking for a personalized face mask with a design and colour that is in-keeping with your corporate image we would be happy to live chat with you about that image, and pop you some appropriate personalized washable face masks in the post for your perusal, so you can take on board the comments of colleagues and employees about whether they feel these are the right type of personalized washable face mask designs for you.
If you choose to move forward with Keltic, a business that has been supplying work uniforms and accessories for over 20 years, be assured that your design of personalized washable face cover will be comfortable, professional and durable, having been designed and wearer tested by a team that have worked together designing professional workwear for many years.