Green Face Masks – In More Ways Than One!

Green Face Masks – In More Ways Than One!

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When we were designing our face masks at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there were a number of reasons why we felt it should be a reusable green face mask. Designed to be comfortable as well as anti-bacterial, to give all-day protection for staff during the pandemic, our washable green face covers in fact needed to be green in more ways than one. First off, the polyester yarn comes from recycled sources (actually recycled plastic bottles). With so many millions, actually more likely billions, of disposable face masks going to landfills and ending up in our oceans, we were determined that our green facemasks would not add to this. Hence as well as being made from recycled materials, they are also fully washable and reusable green face covers. We have created a washable green facemask that we are in fact very proud of.

Green Re-usable Face Covers

The reason we are proud of our green re-usable face masks is that we feel they combine excellent design and fit, super anti-microbe protection, and also mean that the environment is not damaged. Our green washable facemasks are available for all organisations to purchase at a price that is within everyone’s budget; so just because they are green reusable face covers that are well designed and comfortable, they are not green reusable face masks that cost the earth.

Re-Usable Green Face Masks

The colour green has always been associated with calm, and in fact we describe the shade of our green face covers as “calm green”. Suitable for all non-medical workers, these light green face masks are super-comfortable in how they feel and how they fasten (a choice of behind-the-head or behind the ears), and your staff should also feel very comfortable with wearing our calm green face masks because of their colour too. If you’re looking to source a washable green face cover for your organisation, whether it’s from an ecological, comfort, or cost point of view, our green face mask makes sense. It saves your organisation thousands of pounds compared to disposable masks – think how much it costs to provide an employee with disposable masks for every day of the pandemic, in comparison to issuing them with one of our reusable green facemasks. All they need to do is pop it on the wash at the end of the day like a standard piece of uniform and they can wear their green facecover again and again.

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Green Face Masks

Green washable facemasks and green reusable face covers are a great move for any organisation wanting to provide reassurance to their staff during the difficult days of the pandemic. This Washable green face cover can be washed many, many times and still retain its microbe protection, another reason why a green reusable face mask makes such sense.

If you’re looking to procure a green washable face cover for your organisation, we would love to chat with you, and potentially send you a sample of our green re-usable face mask for your staff to try on, so you can see what they think. Please get in touch if you’d like a sample of our exclusive green reusable facemask for this purpose.

Washable Green Face Masks

Our washable green facemasks are superb from both an ergonomic point of view, feeling good against the face, as well as being a green face cover from an environmental point of view. Our light green face covers also make common sense as they have an anti microbial treatment, which kills 99.9% of microbes both inside and outside of the green face cover.

Our helpful staff are on hand during office hours to assist with any questions you may have around our re-usable green face masks. Most organisations before deciding on a product want to try it out; and with us this is no problem; we are happy to send you a sample washable green facemask free of charge to trial.

If you’d like a sample of our green facecovers, why not livechat with our helpful sales staff, and we can send you a sample. This means your staff can try on and even test our reusable green facecovers meaning you can be fully sure that you’re purchasing the right product. This also means that when you do issue out the reusable green facemask, you know you will have the full backing of your staff, and they will feel fully supported during this stressful period.

Please contact us to discuss your re-usable green facemask requirements, or for a sample washable green facecover; and we will be more than happy to assist you.