Neck Scarves

Neck Scarves

What is a neck wrap called?

Neck wraps are more commonly known as neck scarves. These are usually thin squares or rectangles worn by females with a suit/smart clothing, or long rectangles made from acrylic or wool worn for warmth or sports-related reasons.

We design and supply custom neck scarves, made to your design, whether you need them for a business, sports club or other type of organisation. We supply free visuals to show you what your promotional neck scarves would look like. Why not request a brochure and a free custom neck scarf sample today?

Whether you’re looking for promotional neck scarfs to promote a one-off event, or company neck scarfs to promote your organisation’s image or message, we would be more than happy to send you examples of our previous work along with a brochure explaining the ordering process and more detail about how it all works.

Are neck scarves still in style?

Neck scarves are a very smart piece of neckwear that have been around for hundreds of years, a symbol that the wearer takes care in their appearance and represents certain values, sometimes related to a club or organisation, or a more subtle heritage or set of values. This has at times been subverted over the years with a new style of wearing them in a slightly “tongue in cheek” or counter-cultural manner. So the short answer is that they certainly are still in style.

We supply company neck scarves and branded neck scarves made to your requirements. Many examples of our work are found on this website, and we would love to produce a design for you, free of charge, so you can see how you can use bespoke neck scarves within your organisation. The difference between us and other suppliers is that our artist Karen can produce you three visuals showing how your promotional neck scarf would look, to be in your inbox within 24 hours, and we also offer free samples of company scarves we’ve produced for other organisations, so you can see the quality and attention to detail you would get if you ordered with us.

Branded next scarfs are a great way to promote your brand and ensure your staff are looking smart and professional all at the same time. Providing your colleagues with bespoke neck scarfs sends a great message not only to the public and your customers and clients, but also to your staff as well, showing them you are investing in their image and “going the extra mile” by providing them with promotional neck scarfs whilst they do their job.