Promotional Face Masks

Promotional Face Masks

If your organisation is looking for promotional face covers to promote either a one-off event or just to raise awareness of your brand overall, we have a range of options for you. If you need your logo or particular message printed, we can supply promotional face masks UK wide within a week.

As uniform suppliers, we’ve found a natural progression during the coronavirus pandemic to become promotional face cover suppliers. We have a wide range to choose from and would be delighted to send you a sample pack comprising our most popular masks free of charge so you can be sure you get the right mask for the job your staff are doing.

Most promotional face mask suppliers tend to come more from a printing background, and whilst we have lengthy printing and embroidery experience, our promotional face covers were actually designed by us from a uniform clothing perspective to be ultra-comfortable, very hard-wearing, and several options also have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

3 layer anti viral / anti bacterial snood
anti viral / bacterial touchscreen winter gloves

Infection Control

Anti-bacterial reusable face masks, eco face coverings made from recycled materials, anti-viral sprays for garments and masks, and anti-viral snoods, certified to kill Covid-19 and provide residual protection. All items are reusable and comfortable enough to wear at work all day.
reusable face masks
coloured face masks / covers

Promotional Face Cover Suppliers

Many promotional face cover suppliers concentrate heavily on selling disposable masks and only offer reusable promotional face masks as an add-on. We are the opposite – all of our masks are washable promotional face masks, meaning they can be reused again and again. We also have options made from recycled plastic bottles, totally upending the idea of disposable face masks ending up in our oceans, and instead of rescuing plastic bottles from our oceans.

If you’re looking for more from your promotional face mask supplier, we can provide artwork of your logo for you to approve, so you can check that it’s just right before we go ahead and produce your order of promotional face covers UK.

Why not live chat, email or call us for a chat about what you’re looking to achieve with your promotional face masks and we can point you in the right direction as to which masks might be good for you, and send you samples in the post to be with you the following day.