Touchscreen Smart Glove Protects From Corona Virus/ Covid-19

Touchscreen Smart Glove Protects From Corona Virus/ Covid-19

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Anti Viral Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen smart glove protects from Covid-19 as well as the elements

Our smart gloves are smart in multiple ways, not least because they are anti coronavirus gloves, also known as Covid gloves. That’s right, the HEIQ technology used is tried and tested effective against SARS-CoV-2 in the independent third party institute of virology.

As well as being antivirus gloves, our smart gloves are also antibacterial gloves, killing 99.9% of bacteria that comes into contact. They also have brilliant palm grip – there isn’t the usual slippiness we have come to expect from wearing a glove – the opposite in fact, these gloves have really good grip.

Being touchscreen-enabled, these touch screen Coronavirus gloves allow your employees to perform almost all of their duties without needing to remove the glove. Having to keep removing gloves to do tasks like using a handheld printer, tablet or phone is a real buzzkill, and one of the main ways the wearer can begin to get cold as well. Having touchscreen gloves means they don’t have to take them off, and hence they maintain that even temperature in their hands. Their lightweight nature also means that these anti coronavirus gloves provide the dexterity needed to perform almost any task.

Coronavirus killing glove

Being 99.9% effective against microbes and germs, you can rest assured that our Covid 19 gloves also give more general protection – for instance from the common Flu, which is, of course, a major cause of employee misery and lost working hours. Another reason why these antivirus gloves are so smart! Also at only £8.95, these Covid-19 gloves are affordable for most organisations’ budgets.

Smart Antivirus Gloves

Not content with being a mere touch screen glove, not content with being mere antibac gloves, the Smart Glove is also water-resistant. So if your staff are working in all conditions, they give a good level of protection from rain and snow, as well as being quick-drying so if there is a real downpour and their gloves and hands do get wet, they simply need to pop them on the back of their chair or a radiator during a break, and they will dry in no time and be ready for action again.