Washable Face Masks

Washable Face Masks

Washable face masks can help the planet and save your business thousands

At Keltic we have a tremendous focus on sustainability, this is why our face masks and snoods are made using recycled yarn, rather than yarn that comes from oil like our competitors.

Another key way that we ensure our infection control range is sustainable is that the items are not disposable – we supply fully washable face masks. Crucially this can also save your organisation a small fortune. Likely you are spending more per employee in one week on disposable masks than the cost of a single washable face cover for that employee, that they can use again and again pretty much ad Infinitum (our washable face masks are built to last).

Washing Face Masks

We have a selection of face covers all of which can be washed at 60 degrees, we also stock a range of anti viral face masks and anti-bacterial facemasks. It takes over 450 years for a disposable mask to degrade in nature, and it also produces toxic by-products whilst it degrades over that time. One or more of those masks every day per employee is a terrible environmental toll when washable face masks are widely available and actually work out more economical.

Please have a look through our range, give us a call or live chat us with any questions, and remember we can send you a free sample of any mask you are interested in, meaning you can “try before you buy” – no need to make a commitment before you’re sure it’s the right type of washable face cover for your organisation.