What Is A 3 Layer Face Mask?

What Is A 3 Layer Face Mask?

3 Layer Anti Viral Face Masks

printed face masks

Also known as 3-ply face masks are simply face masks with three layers. These layers comprise of the following.

  1. The outside layer of the mask, which may have properties like anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatment, as well as things like water repellency.
  2. The middle layer of a face mask with 3 layers is usually a filter layer to improve filtration.
  3. The inner layer being next to the mouth providing a third layer of defence as well as comfort.


3 ply re-usable face masks

Our 3 ply face masks have the benefit of being washable and reusable, this means not only are they more comfortable than disposable versions but they are much better for the environment, as well as for your budget because your staff can use them again and again rather than just once.

Our reusable three layer face masks also have other important benefits, one of the key ones being the fact that it is actually a three layer anti viral face mask, due to having the HEIQ anti viral treatment like our three layer anti viral snoods. These triple layer antiviral face masks have several other benefits, such as the water repellent treatment to the outside of the mask.

Bespoke 3-ply personalised face masks

Our 3 layer anti-viral face cover comes in a choice of colours. We would be happy to send you a sample in your choice of colour – just live chat, email or call us to arrange. We understand that when choosing a three-layer antivirus facemask you will want to check it out for yourself to confirm that it’s comfortable and appropriate for your needs.

Since the start of the pandemic we have put together a large range of infection-control items, and this three-layer reusable face mask is the newest addition to the range.

3 layer washable face masks (triple layer antivirus face covers) are currently one of our top-selling items. We believe this is partly because of the level of customer support we can offer. If you request a sample of this mask we will be happy to put it in today’s post, and you can have it by the morning to try on and check that you like it. 3-ply antiviral face masks are for many organisations seen to be one of the most important assets on the front line of fighting this virus.

Anti viral 3 layer face masks

Our Anti viral triple layer face masks (reusable face covers with three layers) are ideal for personalisation. In fact one of our best-selling items over the last few weeks has been three layer personalised face masks. That is correct – as well as being washable three ply face covers, we can also print them, making them into three layer custom face masks.

This is a great way to turn a chore into an asset, you can put your organisations brand on to your masks. Or you can use them to promote a certain event or message, three layer promotional face masks. If you’d like to see a sample 3-ply promotional face mask, just live chat us and we will pop one in the post for you today.

3 layer bespoke face masks

If you’re interested in 3 ply face masks / 3 layer bespoke face masks, why not give us a call on the telephone for a conversation about the type of roles your staff for performing? we can let you know what similar organizations are issuing to their staff. As one of the UK’s leading three-layer face mask suppliers, we would be more than happy to.

Reusable face covers with 3 layers are, put simply, great ways to protect and assure your employees. Our friendly sales staff would be happy to take down your details and send you a sample three-layer personalised face mask so you can see for yourself the comfort and quality that you will be buying when you place your full order for three ply custom face masks. One of our most frequently requested samples is 3-ply custom face masks, we are literally sending them out all the time, so it would be no trouble to add yours to the pile!

We are experienced 3 layer face mask suppliers. Customers interested in triple layer logoed face masks are always very pleased to hear that our masks are triple layer reusable face masks, fully washable. In addition to this they are antivirus facemasks with three layers, ie. anti viral 3-ply face masks.

3 ply / layer face cover / masks suppliers

As three layer face mask suppliers, we would be happy to discuss the type of role your staff are doing, and what similar organisations provide for their staff. We can discuss whether a washable three layer face mask would be best, and you can let us know whether you feel it would be beneficial to also have triple layer anti virus face masks.

Face mask with 3 layers

None of us thought we would be in this situation a year ago, and we are all just doing our best to reassure our colleagues and staff in the best way we can. Feedback regularly given to us by our customers is that washable three layer face masks gives this level of reassurance. Whether you simply go for reusable three layer face masks or anti-viral three ply facemasks will be up to you, and we will be happy to discuss this with you and even send samples. We can have washable three layer face covers, three layer reusable face covers, and antivirus three ply face covers in the post today to be with you tomorrow.