Your Face Covering Questions Answered.

Your Face Covering Questions Answered.

We’ve been supplying face masks to protect the general workforce from coronavirus for approaching a year now, ever since the virus first reared its head. These are the most frequent questions we get asked, and how we answer them.

What is the most comfortable face covering?

Since the pandemic began we have sold over half a million face covers across a wide variety of types and styles, and we can report that our customers find the most comfortable to be a fabric face covering. This is as opposed to medical masks, which are designed and intended to be worn during surgery – these are usually made of paper or other non-woven materials, and are disposable, with hundreds of thousands now ending up in our oceans. We offer numerous choices of cloth face covering, but what each one has in common is that it is reusable and washable, meaning it doesn’t need to be thrown away. They are made from sturdy fabrics that last and last, yet are incredibly comfortable next to the skin. We offer free mask sample packs should you be interested in seeing the types of masks we offer

Where can I buy fabric face masks?

The answer to this is that a wide variety of shops and online retailers will be able to supply you with a cloth face cover. The difference between these sellers and the fabric face cover options that we offer is that our products have been designed to be used for long periods of time whilst doing a wide variety of job roles and to give good levels of protection from exposure to Covid 19 whilst at the same time being extremely comfortable. The choice of where to buy your cloth face masks is absolutely up to you, but if you are looking for masks for your staff and would like some support or a chat about what our other similar customers provide for their staff or even a free mask sample pack so you can work out which mask is right for you, we will be happy to help.

Does Primark sell face masks?

Multiple retail outlets offer cloth face covers due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic, and it’s hard to say which is the best without trying them on, washing them, and wearing them for a few hours or even a few days. What it is possible to say with more certainty however, is that if you are looking for a cloth face mask for your employees, you will see a number of benefits from purchasing them from a business that is set up to supply masks for work, rather than individual masks. Fabric face coverings designed for work will be more robust, more widely tested, and if they are worth their salt they will have been designed with long periods of wear in mind. We recommend that the best way to source fabric face masks that your employees will be happy and comfortable to wear is to get samples of several face masks and try them out for yourself for a few hours or even longer. Often a mask seems comfortable to begin with, but after a few hours starts to hurt the ears, or pull on the nose more than others. We would be happy to send you a free mask sample pack to start you off should this be of interest. Our masks are also made from recycled yarn, which is very different indeed to most large retail outlets, where fabrics are often made of polyester which is made from oil. Bad news for the planet.

How do you cover a face mask with fabric?

It’s not so much that you cover a face mask with fabric, more than the entire mask is made from fabric. It’s possible to make face masks yourself from an old t-shirt or another item of clothing for instance if you have the skills. The difference between the type of cloth face coverings that can be made at home and the ones that can be purchased from fabric face mask suppliers is that they will generally have been designed to be worn at work for long periods, and therefore be more comfortable and durable.

Additionally, you will find that when buying from a fabric face masks supplier you may be offered treatments such as anti-viral, anti-bacterial or antimicrobial (we offer all three), as well as different types of fastening (behind the ears, behind the head etc). Also, don’t forget that fabric face covers don’t have to just face masks – there are also snoods, neck warmers and neck gaitors – you will find examples of these on our website as well as the websites of other cloth face mask suppliers.