Female Body Armour

Female Body Armour

All of our armour is unisex, hence it is already designed as ladies body armour, however, if the wearer requires a D cup fitting or above, it’s recommended that we modify our armour to make it more comfortable for the wearer. These ladies stab vests or women’s body armour are specially made with extra female shaping to provide more comfort as ladies body armor.

Before making the decision that they require a female stab vest, we suggest that the wearer tries on a sample of our standard (unisex) vest first, adjusting it as required, to check if it provides a comfortable fit. If not, we can produce women’s body armour for them, with extra female shaping, which takes 8-10 weeks to make. There is an additional charge for producing this female body armor, because it has to be specially made individually, please contact our sales staff for further information.

Female body armour

Often we find that our customers, who are usually council departments, utility companies, the NHS etc order a sample vest, that all wearers, whether they be male or female, try on. The vests are highly adjustable, and this then allows every wearer to confirm they’re comfortable, and female wearers to assess whether they need a women’s stab vest. From our experience, the vast majority of female wearers are comfortable in our standard unisex fitting and don’t require women’s body armor, but every wearer is different, and doing it this way allows the wearer to check they are happy as well as taking responsibility for their own comfort.

The best body armour for women – female body armour plates

Many of our staff are female, so if a female wearer would like to speak with another female about the fitting of their women’s stab vests or female body armour, that’s no problem. All our female stab vests are produced in our armour factory in the Midlands, U.K., by a highly experienced team. There is lots of information elsewhere on this site about body armour sizing, including charts and a recommendation that the best way to ensure everyone gets a fit they’re happy with, not just for women’s body armour but all armour, is to request a sample and have a try-on session.