48 Years As A School Crossing Patrol Officer | Irene Reid | Lancashire City Council

48 Years As A School Crossing Patrol Officer | Irene Reid | Lancashire City Council

As many of you know, at Keltic we like to give awards to school crossing patrol officers who have completed a considerable amount of years in the job. We recently reached out to the Lancashire region, asking for long-standing SCP’s to come forward. We were thrilled to come across Irene Reid, who has been a school crossing patrol officer in Lancashire for an amazing 48 years. Having recently been to present Irene with her award, here are a few extra words of congratulations, both from us and from Irene’s local council!

School Crossing Patrol Officer

Irene’s Career as a School Crossing Patrol Officer


Irene has been working as a school crossing patrol officer at Longridge Primary school for 48 continuous years. She is known and loved by many of the pupils, parents and teachers at the school. With no signs of slowing down, Irene continues to derive a lot of happiness from helping the children in her community to stay safe.

Congratulations Irene!


In order to congratulate Irene, Keltic’s Stephanie Edwards travelled to Lancashire. She presented Irene with an award as well as Keltic’s usual SCP-themed goodies! Here’s what Stephanie had to say:

“It was a pleasure to meet Irene and present her with her award. Forty- Eight year of service is commendable in any profession, but one that helps the community daily, no matter the weather, really is amazing. A huge congratulations from myself and all at Keltic Clothing.”

Lancashire County Council


We recently received an email from Irene’s local council, who offered the following words of praise:

“Geoff Purcell, Operations Manager, School Crossing Patrol, Lancashire County Council would like to congratulate and thank Irene Reid for her excellent achievement of 48 continuous years’ service at Longridge Primary School as a school crossing patrol officer, during those years Irene has been a credit to the service and we wish her good health and fitness to reach the half century”

Good Luck Irene!


We wish Irene the warmest congratulations, and the very best for the future!

If you know of an SCP who might be deserving of one of our awards then please do get in touch with our Road Safety Clothing team. You can do this by phoning us on 08450 66 66 99 or by sending an email to scp@kelticclothing.co.uk. Alternatively, you can simply leave a comment below!