Red Nose Day!!!

Red Nose Day!!!

Today in the Keltic office we’ve been raising money for charity. As we do every year we have all been busying ourselves with various fundraising activities for Red Nose Day. Here is what we’ve been up to!

Red Nose Day Activities

Most of us can’t resist a little cake, so what better way to raise money than to bake some lovely treats. We’ve realised today that we’ve got some excellent bakers in the Keltic office. We’re making small donations for each delicious slice. We all arrived this morning in our Red Nose Day t-shirts with masses of home-baked cakes, biscuits and raffle donations. The donated raffle items consisted of sweet treats, wine and a few bath goodies which prompted a lot of us to buy tickets (mainly in hope of winning a bottle of wine for the weekend if we’re honest!)

red nose day

It’s safe to say we’ve all over-indulged a little on cake, but all in aid of a worthy cause of course. Red Nose Day is a brilliant way to get involved in fun activities at work, and it’s great to know that the proceeds from it help people from across the UK as well as Africa.

The Grand Total

So what have all of our fundraising efforts amounted to? It has been a great day to say the least and we have managed to raise a total of… £96.00! We’re thrilled with this and can’t wait for next year!