Will There Be Snow This Winter? | Winter Workwear

Will There Be Snow This Winter? | Winter Workwear

So there is plenty of speculation on what the British weather will have in store for us in the upcoming months. So far it seems the snow will be making another appearance and making quite an entrance at that! If this is the case then you’ll surely need to get thinking about winter workwear for your staff!

Be Prepared with Winter Workwear


Will you be prepared? With Keltic we can help assure that working in these conditions is made as bearable as possible.

Parking attendants and security staff often have to work outside, so, ensure your staff are not demoralized by supplying some winter essentials for them.

patrol mitts

Working in an office is not always as cosy as some may think, so, ensure your staff don’t feel the chill by providing some knitwear or undersuit tops to keep them warm.

School crossing patrol wardens stay out in all weather and certainly need the correct uniform to accompany them. Our winter jackets are definitely a must have and quality essential.

Let’s all be prepared this winter and avoid that dreadful feeling of being cold or slipping over in the snow. Let’s enjoy it when it arrives.