Switching To Recycled Ties

Switching To Recycled Ties

Recycling and preserving the environment is a rising concern for everyone. Whether we’re at home, at work or out shopping we see signs and prompts that advise us how to do our bit to conserve the world we live in and reduce unnecessary waste. In order to help push forwards to a greener future, over the past year Keltic has taken some new steps towards waste reduction. We’ll share them with you here and also advise on how you can make small changes that make a big difference to the environment.


Small Changes, Big Results


Let us start with the simplest of tasks; the small and slight changes anyone can make to push themselves off of the starting line.

Paper products are probably the easiest change to implement. Find a supplier that offers recycled office products but do make sure you check the percentage of recycled material used, not all products are completely made from recycled materials. Take a look at our few simple suggestions below:

  • Printer paper
  • Card
  • Envelopes
  • Notebooks
  • Labels
  • Business Cards

Then we have the typical office stationery which are requirements for most businesses:

  • Lever arch files
  • Paper clips
  • Brown tape
  • Packing boxes

There are obviously many more items but the list is endless. Some recycled stationery suppliers will offer products that may not be fully recycled materials; however these could demonstrate a much more environmental conscious production process for the product which may also be more ethical.


Doing Our Bit: Recycled Ties


This leads us to introducing a new product in keeping with our plans to offer more environmentally friendly products. In previous months we have been working on offering our security and parking customers a choice of recycled clip-on ties against our usual stock of non-recycled.

green and white recycled label on the back of a recycled tie


The recycled ties we can offer look just like our standard stock, though you can be safe in the knowledge that the materials used to make your clip-on ties are now from recycled yarn and renewable sources. We take recycled PET bottles averted from landfill and send them through a more environmentally friendly conversion process than the usual method to produce a plain yarn. This is then dyed using environmentally friendly techniques to give us a polyester yarn perfect for producing your ties.

Why not make the switch to polyester recycled ties? You are welcome to request a sample to view prior to committing to purchase. Just ring us on 01922 612 888. Alternatively make an enquiry here.

We hope that with small but steady developments like these we can continue to grow in our offering of recycled products and contribute toward a greener and more ethically viable future.