Covid-19 Killing Winter Gloves To See Your Staff Through The 3rd Wave Of The Pandemic

Covid-19 Killing Winter Gloves To See Your Staff Through The 3rd Wave Of The Pandemic

anti viral gloves
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So, who knew?

Straight out of a rather reduced Christmas and into a national lockdown, due to coronavirus coming back stronger than ever. Not the sort of New Year any of us had planned but we are dealing with it.

Gloves that protect from covid 19

We have just taken delivery of our new winter glove, which as well as being touchscreen-friendly and having great grip and dexterity, actually kills Covid-19 if it comes into contact with it. As well as being anti-viral gloves, smart gloves have a number of other important benefits.

Antibacterial Smart Gloves

We’ve been saddened about the number of disposable gloves being used during the pandemic, and so we developed gloves that kill covid, it that has great features in and of itself, with the fact that it kills coronavirus being an added extra. We wearer-trialled a number of touchscreen coronavirus gloves during the design stages and are confident that these anti-virus gloves will outperform most, which being at a price-point that most organisations will be able to budget for their staff.

Covid 19 Gloves

Anti virus gloves give a level of reassurance to colleagues who are understandably concerned about Covid-19. To be able to issue your staff with virus-killing gloves not only protects them and gives them the confidence to do their job, but it also means that they can operate phones and handheld computers without needing to remove the glove (unlike most other gloves), meaning the virus protection is there throughout their shift and gives them the dexterity to perform almost any task without taking them off as well. These touchscreen work gloves actually do work!

Touch Screen Gloves

As well as being gloves that kill Covid-19, the smart gloves also give protection from the rain, being made from a smart softshell material that repels water. With excellent grip all the way across the palm, they’re not slippy like many gloves, so again your staff will be happy to keep them on all day, which isn’t the same with many gloves, let alone many anti corona virus gloves.

So at this time of climate emergency, we would encourage all employers considering issuing gloves to their staff, whether it is disposable gloves or Winter gloves, to consider these well-priced gloves that kill Covid-19, and just get in touch with our sales staff if you’d like to see a sample.