The Uk’s Leading Neck Tube / Neck Gaiter / Neck Warmer Suppliers

The Uk’s Leading Neck Tube / Neck Gaiter / Neck Warmer Suppliers

We are the leading neck tube supplier to councils, universities and large businesses

It’s fair to say that we didn’t start 2020 expecting to end up one of the UK’s biggest neck tube suppliers by the end of the year, but then again it was a year of confounding expectations. For a number of years we’ve been a necktube supplier as well as supplying all types of snoods, but the pandemic has seen a huge growth in this area for us for a number of reasons.

I think it’s fair to say that neck gaitor suppliers are harder to find than standard face mask suppliers, especially those equipped to supply large volumes quickly to large organisations and public bodies. Add to this the fact that we will happily send samples to help customers decide if we’re the right neck gaitor supplier for them and we’re part way towards understanding this shift.

3 layer anti viral / anti bacterial snood
anti viral / bacterial touchscreen winter gloves

Infection Control

Anti-bacterial reusable face masks, eco face coverings made from recycled materials, anti-viral sprays for garments and masks, and anti-viral snoods, certified to kill Covid-19 and provide residual protection. All items are reusable and comfortable enough to wear at work all day.
fleece snoods
anti viral suit range

In Winter we have tended to be a go-to neck warmer supplier for local authorities where their staff need a cover-up to keep warm, but the addition of the worldwide pandemic has meant this trade has increased briskly.

Added to that, we’re not simply neck gaitor suppliers, we also stock anti viral and anti bacterial snoods which offer real alternatives and are exclusive to Keltic, designed by our own team here. This is something that other neck warmer suppliers simply don’t offer.
Neck tube suppliers UK wide tend to simply order in neck tubes from a wholesaler and then send these out to their customers. Our point of difference is that we design, specify and stock own snoods.

Neck warmer suppliers UK wide do sometimes offer printing, which of course we offer as well, but what they may not offer is the ability to send out samples of the snoods or neck warmers free of charge to allow customers to establish whether this product is right for them, before any printing takes place. This makes us a different kind of neck tubes supplier, and goes further towards explaining Why an increasing number of customers are moving to Keltic.

The final piece of the puzzle of our success as neck gaitor suppliers uk is our friendly and helpful staff, who are on hand all week during office hours for a phone conversation, live chat or email correspondence. They would love to hear the type of product you are looking for, and will be able to help you by making product recommendations, sending samples, and generally being all-round helpful.