Protect Your Staff From The Elements And Covid-19 All At The Same Time

Protect Your Staff From The Elements And Covid-19 All At The Same Time

3 layer anti viral snood
3 Layer Anti Viral Snood

With the nights now having drawn in and the cold weather upon us, it’s the time of year that we start talking about our range of Winter accessories. Only it’s not any old Winter, it’s the Winter of 2020, and so not only do we have the dark nights and cold days to contend with, but much more worryingly we also have Covid-19. So for this Autumn/Winter we’ve introduced two key new products to our ever-growing Infection Control range, a snood and a glove that have a load of smart features, keep your staff warm and toasty, and also include a new fabric technology proven to kill Covid-19.

The smart snood is based on a high-end walking snood (also known as neck gaiter, neck gaitor or neck warmer). It’s made from recycled yarn, is adjustable, and when pulled up over the mouth and nose it acts as a 3 layer mask, with the anti viral treatment on the outside of the fabric, a filter layer in the middle, and another layer of anti microbial fabric next to the mouth. Smart huh? That’s why we called i the Smart Snood. We’re seeing lots of people now using this type of alternative face covering as the weather has turned, and we’ve achieved a very accessible price point for this product, to allow as many people as possible to benefit from its long list of features. There are also other snoods available within our Infection Control range.

The Smart Gloves are similarly clever, they have touch-screen fingers, meaning technology such as phones and handheld computers can be used without needing to remove the gloves (cosy!), they are water resistant and quick drying, they are thin enough to still provide great dexterity so you can complete almost any task without needing to remove them, and of course they give protection from Covid-19. Based on a sporting glove, the fit and comfort is really impressive, and they come in three different sizes to allow everyone to benefit from the corona virus-killing technology.

Obviously in the Autumn and Winter it’s important to wrap up warm, so the Smart Snood and Smart Glove give protection from the wind and elements, whilst also allowing wearers to do their job, move well and be comfortable. We also know that Covid-19 spreads more during the colder months, so these products were perfect for adding this new innovative anti-viral treatment to. The anti-viral treatment used also kills numerous other viruses including the common flu, so by providing your staff with these items, you are also helping to protect them from flu too.