Key Clothing Essentials For Security Personnel

Key Clothing Essentials For Security Personnel

For anyone working in the security sector, having the right uniform is vital for lots of different reasons. As well as ensuring you can be recognised in your role, a security uniform can provide practical benefits such as making sure you’re visible and will have different features such as radio loops that enable you to easily do your job properly. Moreover, many security personnel have to stand or walk for long periods of time, so a uniform should be comfortable, breathable and durable.

Here are some of the key clothing essentials that every security worker needs.

Security vests

Without a doubt, one of the most important items for any security officer is a security vest. There are lots of different styles and colours of security vests to choose from, so whichever type you pick depends on a number of factors. For instance, hi vis vests are especially useful in those security roles where visibility is important, such as if you’re working when it’s dark, or if you need to be easily seen, particularly in crowded or busy venues.


Additionally, patrol vests are available in different colours, which makes identifying different types of security personnel easier. Look for patrol vests that come with a range of handy features such as loops to put communication radios in, as well as epaulettes so that epaulette sliders can be attached for identification purposes.

For those security personnel who might need extra pockets, or even to dispense tickets, a more comprehensive Parkvest might be useful.

Whichever type of security vest you choose, always look for a product made from high-quality materials that is lightweight, durable and breathable. This is especially important if you work long hours and in all weather conditions. For those security officers working in very cold weather, and who don’t move about much, a body warmer might be preferable to a vest during these conditions.

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Security ties

A security officer’s uniform should make it clear what their role is, but it should also look smart and formal. This is where including a security tie to the uniform can help to create the desired, professional look that you’ll want to achieve.

There are lots of different security ties that you can choose from, so it’s essentially a case of deciding what colours or styles you want, such as to match your brand or business identity. Many businesses opt for a simple black tie, as this works well with a black or plain security uniform.

Clip-on ties can often be more comfortable to wear than regular ties, so if you have security personnel working long hours in hot conditions, this style of tie may be more preferable. You can even personalise security ties to include wording on the tie that states the particular role of the security officer, making it easier for others to identify staff. A security clip-on tie also helps to finish the look of a professional uniform.

Security gloves

When it comes to kitting out security personnel, there’s often a lot of focus on the key clothing essentials such as trousers, jacket or vest as well as the shirt and blouse, but attention to the smaller details is also vital to ensure staff remain comfortable and warm at all times of the year, from head to toe.

Those security workers who might spend a long time outdoors, especially during the colder months of the year, may quickly suffer from very cold extremities, which can impede their ability to do their job properly. So that’s why making sure security gloves are part of the uniform is so important.

When choosing security guard gloves, think about the specific activities performed by each staff member so that you pick the right glove to suit their needs. If a security officer has a monitoring-only role, without needing to use their hands much, any kind of warm, insulated security guard glove will do the trick. Make sure the gloves are breathable and waterproof, however, so that they are comfortable to wear in all weather conditions.

For those security officers who may need to use their hands as part of their job, look for security guard gloves that are adapted for this purpose. Patrol mitts that have foldback fingers and thumb are especially ideal for keeping the hands warm while still enabling you to easily use your hands.

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Security boots

When a security officer is on their feet all day long, comfort is a key concern, so choosing the right pair of security guard boots is a vital part of a security personnel’s uniform.

As well as being comfortable and supportive for everyday wear, security boots should be waterproof and very hard wearing for those officers who work outside. If security staff need to work on rough, slippery or uneven terrain, then boots should also have a strong grip and anti-slip protection, especially if the officer needs to move at speed. Security work doesn’t stop when the weather turns snowy or icy, so protective snow grips for footwear can help to ensure workers can carry on doing their jobs safely.

There are lots of different styles of security officer boots to choose from, including those with or without specific safety features, as well as those that go above or below the ankle. As well as looking stylish and finishing a uniform off, security boots should provide practical benefits, whatever kind of security role a person has.

Security accessories

Attention to the smaller details can help to complete a uniform and ensure a security officer has all the equipment and features they need. Epaulettes and attachments are often added to security uniforms to denote position, role or rank, and there are lots of different types and styles that you can add to a uniform, such as on a vest or jacket.

Other security accessories commonly added to a security uniform include security badges and cap bands. Again, there are lots of different colours and styles to pick from, and you can even have cap bands custom-made to include a company logo.

For all of your security personnel clothing requirements, contact the experts at Keltic Clothing.

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