Leicestershire Council SCP Provides 42 Years Service

Leicestershire Council SCP Provides 42 Years Service

School Crossing Patrols play a vital role in school children’s safety. Helping children to navigate roads, they ensure that they are free from danger on their way into school. At Keltic we are really appreciative of the fantastic job that SCP’s do, and we think that it’s only right that we should, now and again, give something back. Sandy Flamson from Whitwick in Leicestershire has been a patrol for an amazing forty-two years. We therefore decided to present her with a prize for being the longest serving patrol in her region.


Sandy’s Prize


Forty-two years of service is commendable in any profession, but for one that helps the community so much, it’s really amazing. We were therefore delighted to travel to Leicester and present Sandy with a badge and champagne for her brilliant work. We also thought it right to give some cupcakes and gingerbread men to her fellow patrols!

Why Sandy Loves Being an SCP


From speaking to Sandy, it was clear that this was somebody who loves their job. When we asked her why, Sandy said the following:

“I love my job because I’m helping children to be safe and I feel like I’m making a worthwhile contribution to the community. I enjoy being out in the fresh air, meeting new people and watching the children grow up. In some cases I’m now crossing their children!”

Wholly appreciated by children, parents and teachers alike Sandy continues to contribute to the community and do a fantastic job as a SCP. Sandy is a lovely lady and we were thrilled to be a part of her day!