Road Safety Clothing | Summer Range

Road Safety Clothing | Summer Range

Yes! Summer is just around the corner! Many of us are starting to think about our summer wardrobe. Perhaps it’s time to also start thinking about your staff’s summer wardrobe. It’s important that your staff are comfortable in their work attire. To ensure that they stay cool this summer, why not take a look at our summer range of road safety clothing. Here’s a little taster of the kind of summer wear that our road safety department offer.


road safety clothing: sunshine

SCP Summer STOP Jacket


School Crossing Patrols wear very heavy jackets in the winter. When it’s cold these are perfect. But they’ll be very uncomfortable as it’s starting to heat up. Our SCP Summer STOP jacket is ideal for keeping cool while out in the sunshine. It is the lightest conforming jacket on the market and is extremely durable and breathable.

road safety clothing: scp jacket


Summer Cycle Jacket


Our Summer Cycle jacket is also a must have, being extremely lightweight, breathable and maintaining those important multiple pockets.

road safety clothing: cycle jacket

Want to Sample Our Road Safety Clothing?


To discover more of our range of road safety garments, just click here. If you know what you have in mind and would like to receive a free sample of a particular garment then we would be happy to arrange this for you. Just give us a call on 08450 666699. Or if you’d prefer to arrange this online, you can make an enquiry here.