Get Ready For A New Term With Our Road Safety Kits

Get Ready For A New Term With Our Road Safety Kits

As always, the new term is coming up fast. Schools around the country are gearing up for new challenges and new ventures. Perhaps you’re thinking about investing in some new educational resources. If so, have you heard about our road safety kit – Street Feet?


street feet resource


Our Road Safety Kit: How Does It Work?


We designed theStreet Feet kit based on research that finds collaborative learning is the most effective means of imparting knowledge in children. When children collaborate in a learning activity they are able to retain much more information than if they were to learn it in a classroom. Our road safety kit therefore facilitates group exercises, and by extension, deep learning.

What’s in the Box?


Street Feet is a road safety kit that models real life roads and crossings. In the box you’ll find role-play tabards, lights and street signs that help children understand how to safely navigate roads. It also includes destination mats which allow children to practice route planning.



school crossing patrol uniform


Don’t Take Our Word For It


Our customers can’t seem to get enough of our all-in-one educational kit. Here’s one of many testimonials that we’ve received regarding the product. It’s from the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames council:

Here in Richmond, my team makes very good use of the Street Feet resource, it is continually touring the Boroughs Schools and Nurseries and the teachers are constantly requesting to have it back each year. We can see the effectiveness of using this when we go back into schools to do their Pedestrian Training with them in year 3. Street Feet gives a good visual of road layouts and crossing points so that children can really engage practically and learn vital lessons on how to be safe near and on the road.”


Find out more


Call us on 08450 66 66 99 for more details or to arrange to see a sample. You won’t be disappointed! If you’d like to make an online enquiry instead, you can do so here.