10% Off Street Feet Kit | Road Safety Week

10% Off Street Feet Kit | Road Safety Week

It’s Road Safety Week this week, and to celebrate we are offering a discount on our Street Feet Kits.  These road safety education kits are hugely popular when it comes to training school children in road safety. Read a little more about them here, and if you like what you hear, take advantage of our limited discount today!

road safety education kit

Road Safety Education


Road safety education is absolutely imperative. As shown by these statistics far too many road incidents involving children occur every year in Britain, and sadly many of these are preventable. The answer is proper road safety training. We carried out extensive research on how children best retain information, and we designed our product around our findings. Street Feet facilitates fun, collaborative learning. It models real life roads and crossings, with street signs, lights, and destination maps, to help children practice road navigation in a safe environment.

Get in Touch


If you like the sound of Street Feet but would like some more information, then just give us a call and one of our friendly staff members will happily answer any queries you may have. With large stock holdings we can guarantee next day delivery on all orders placed. So give us a call on 08450 666699, or make an online enquiry here.