Smart Grey Snoods

Smart Grey Snoods

3 layer – anti viral snood / anti bacterial snood
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Our snoods have long enjoyed being used when the weather is chilly, to keep the neck and face warm. But, in more recent times snoods have proved their worth during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many people choosing to wear them as a comfortable alternative to face masks.

Introducing our smart grey snoods

While there are different types of neck gaiters and neck warmers available, the grey neckwarmer is one of the most innovative snoods currently available.

Available in a classic, neutral shade of grey that will work well with any other colours you wear, our smart grey snoods are perfect for protecting against the elements, and especially for helping in the fight against spreading and contracting Covid-19.

What makes our grey snoods different from the rest?

3 layer – anti viral snood / anti bacterial snood
Click to see our Anti Viral Snood

These not only look good, but these modern grey neck warmers boast a range of features that make them just as effective as wearing face masks when in public spaces. In fact, because these grey neck tubes don’t have annoying elastic ties around the ears, they are arguably much more comfortable to wear, too.

Anti-viral Grey Neck Warmers

The smart grey tubes come with reassuring anti-viral properties, consisting of three layers. The outer layer has an anti-viral HEIQ Viroblock, while the middle layer is made up of a melt-blown felt for filtration, and the inner layer has an anti-microbial treated mesh. These have been rigorously tested in labs, and have proven effective against viruses such as Covid-19 and seasonal flu.


One of the many complaints face mask users have is that masks are not adjustable and can be very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The advantage is that it comes with a handy drawcord closure which you can easily and conveniently adjust to create a snug fit.

What’s more, the snood boasts a nose-moulding cord to fit your face and provides improved protection with a sealed fit. This not only prevents air particles from escaping or entering through the snood, but it ensures that you won’t need to suffer from steamed-up glasses.

Ideal for businesses

Because the smart grey neckwarmer looks professional, is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and is as reliable, if not more so, than many types of face masks, they make the perfect addition for employees to wear in business environments. With all staff wearing the same style and colour of the snood, they will be easily identifiable and the snoods can become an additional part of a company’s uniform.

Made from recycled materials

With more of us taking an eco-friendly approach to many of the purchases we make, it’s good to know that smart grey neck gaitors are made from recycled materials. In fact, each snood is made from two plastic bottles, so that’s less plastic ending up in the landfill or polluting our oceans.

Plus, you’ll be pleased to know that the smart grey snoods have not been made with any nasty chemicals or substances that could aggravate allergies. Safe, recycled ingredients have been used, for instance, in the HEIQ Viroblock treatment.

grey snoods


What makes smart grey neck tube such as those available from Keltic Clothing so appealing is the fact that they are affordable and will enjoy long-standing use, even when face coverings are no longer a requirement.

Because the snoods are worn around the neck and face and are lifted down when not in use, you’re less likely to lose them, unlike face masks which seem to be strewn around our pavements everywhere.

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