Stay Safe In A Snood

Stay Safe In A Snood

Stay safe in a snood

As the weather gets colder, we can’t help but reflect back on the year we’ve had. There are big changes to consider, but also the small ones that impact our daily lives in tiny, notable ways. Who would have thought this time last year that face coverings would just be another everyday part of life? Grabbing a mask as you leave the house is now as necessary as a wallet for you and your students or staff members.

We are moving into the winter season and the Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of easing. We all need to keep ourselves as protected and healthy as possible – and it isn’t just coronavirus we want to protect against. With cold and flu season coming up fast, we want a way to stay cosy and safe. Our regular masks might just need an upgrade.

A snood is the perfect way to switch up your mask-wearing and get the protection you want, as much from the winter wind as any germs. What could a snood do for you? Which one might you want to select? Read on to find out more.

Fight flu

Cold and flu season is never anyone’s favourite time of year. With schools, universities and businesses remaining open in most places during the pandemic, you are more than likely to at least catch a common cold. With keeping our health in top condition being more important than ever, you want to keep safe whether you’re indoors or outdoors. A snood covers your mouth and nose, protecting you from people passing wherever you are. So you can take all the possible precautions to protect against any sort of communicable illness. Antiviral snoods are particularly useful for this, however, just keeping your face covered is important during this time.

Keep it compliant

With face coverings such as masks being necessary when entering shops or other businesses, you need a range of choices so you have the right covering for each situation. A snood is perfect whether you are in work and passing people in the halls, or heading out into cold weather. Ideal for a work or retail setting, anti-viral snoods will kill up to 99% of viruses that land on the material within two hours, while still being lightweight enough to keep you cool and comfortable when the central heating is turned up. With a snood, you will be complying with government guidance while also looking great.

Stay cosy in the cold

Available in a knitted or fleece design, our snoods not only provide you with the protection you need against colds, flu and other viruses, but can also keep you safe from the biting wind and winter chill, too! If you want to keep yourself cosy in the cold, a snood is a fantastic choice and can give you far more warmth than an average mask. This is ideal if you are passing between buildings and want to keep your snood on.

The choice is yours

Keltic clothing can provide your school, hospital, or private business with a wide range of snoods perfect for indoor or outdoor wear, depending on your needs. Lightweight antiviral snoods can even be printed with your logo for a personal touch. Whether you want to keep it safe and stay protected with an antiviral choice or select a knit or fleece snood for warmth, there is an option that will be perfect for you. And if you just need a plain alternative, our basic snood is made from fully breathable material and comes in a range of fantastic colours to suit your style. As an excellent winter alternative to the masks we have been sporting all summer, a snood is a great way to provide some variety to your face coverings.

Make a snood a part of your daily routine this winter, and remember to stay safe wherever you are.