Sustainable Face Masks

Sustainable Face Masks

Are face masks sustainable?

Most face masks are not sustainable, this is just a fact. This is because most are not made from recycled materials, or from materials that are recyclable at end-of-life- and many face masks are disposable rather than reusable, which is massively unsustainable, and millions of these masks are ending up in landfill and oceans every month as this pandemic continues.

If you are looking for the best sustainable face masks uk wide, and looking to protect your staff from coronavirus, you may wish to consider our eco friendly face mask. It is washable and reusable, made from recycled materials, can be recycled at the end of its life, and also kills 99.9 percent of bacteria on the mask.

As just reported in the Guardian, a scientific study has concluded that up to 1 in 5 deaths on this planet is now caused by the particles produced from burning fossil fuels. Whilst it may seem like a small thing, our eco friendly face cover can contribute towards reducing this. This is because it is made using recycled yarn- specifically polyester yarn that is made by recycling plastic bottles. Usually polyester is made from extracting and processing crude oil, which is obviously a fossil fuel. A large number of the reusable masks on the market are made using polyester, but only a tiny proportion of that polyester is recycled, the vast majority is made virgin crude oil, dug up from the ground for that purpose.

Where can I buy an ethical face cover / face masks?

There are a few definitions of what it means to be ethical, but regardless of which of the following definitions you use, very few masks on sale online or in retail outlets would fully meet that definition. For us, ethical, sustainable and environmental are all words speaking to the same core values. Our eco-friendly face masks are ethically made in an accredited factory where the workers are treated just as well as the workers in our offices, and this very ethics is one of the reasons why they are sustainable. If something isn’t ethical, it isn’t sustainable either – it can’t continue, it mustn’t continue. You can view more about our factories in the “about” section of our website, you can also live-chat, call or email us for further information. We are a family business of twenty years standing, and ethics is at the very heart of what we do, in fact it is the reason we are in business.

What is the healthiest face mask?

There are a few ways to look at this. A key way a mask can be healthy is to do its job. Many people are looking for face masks at present to protect from covid-19, so if that’s the case, questions to ask your supplier would be doing it have antibac treatment, does it have antiviral treatment? That is one key way, as well as being comfortable and well-fitting, that a mask can keep the wearer healthy, safe and protected. Another key question is, how many layers does it have? If your staff are in low-risk areas and roles, you may feel a single layer is ok, if combined with antiviral sprays being regularly used. However many employees feel more comfortable with a two or three-layer mask, for that extra level of protection.

Another definition of healthy would be how comfortable is the mask, will the employer want to wear the face cover, does it cause them discomfort, rashes etc, do they want to keep taking it off and on because of this, hence this would be seen as less healthy.

If you’re looking to purchase eco friendly face coverings for your staff, we would be happy to send you out a sample of our sustainable face covers covid specific or otherwise, including anti bacterial finish, so you can trial it, without obligation, to see if it’s comfortable and appropriate for your employees.

Which is the best natural face mask?

The definition of natural face mask could mean it is made from natural materials, in which case look out for a supplier offering masks made from constructs including cotton or other plant-based materials. Another definition could be, are they recycled face masks uk? Are they made using natural processes, using as little energy and chemical processing as possible?

Our eco-friendly face mask, made from recycled plastic bottles, avoids the need to extract and process (burn) fossil fuels (crude oil is usually used to make polyester thread), instead stopping plastic bottles from getting in the oceans plus it takes a heck of a lot less energy (which ultimately comes from burning fossil fuels) to produce polyester yarn from plastic bottles (because they’re halfway there, they just need melting down and extruding) rather than oil (which has to be heavily chemically processed, as well as extracted etc of course). This is a much more natural process than most mask manufacturing processes.

Eco Friendly Face Masks / Covering

If you are looking for an eco friendly face covering for your staff, our main advice would be to look in to what it’s made from and what claims are being made from the supplier, is it fully recycled and recyclable? Is it made in a factory that is audited and regularly visited by that supplier, with all aspects of production accounted for? Is it also an ethically made face mask uk?Whichever eco friendly face mask you are interested in, we suggest you get hold of one to trial, so you can check your employees find it comfortable and durable (wash it a few times, and wear it for a few hours at least). Your eco friendly face covers are not going to do the job of protecting your staff if they remain sat in the box because they don’t wear them because they find them uncomfortable. Your eco friendly face mask uk supplier should be able to send you samples, and be able to correspond with you via phone, live chat or email to answer any and all questions you may have regarding the eco-friendly nature of their product.

The fact that you are supplying your organisation’s employees with an eco-friendly face mask is a real plus-point, and we would be happy to send you a certificate stating how many plastic bottles you have saved from landfill and oceans by purchasing your masks from us. In this way your eco-friendly face cover purchase can also help staff morale as well as the environment.