The Magnum Strider Boot Strikes Again

The Magnum Strider Boot Strikes Again

The Magnum Strider boot continues to go from strength to strength. Read below a fantastic review from Daran Thomas at Pinewood Studios who works for Octaga Security Services. He completed a 13mile challenge in the all essential uniform wear – The Magnum Strider

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Daran’s Experience of the Magnum Strider Boot


“A while ago, as a client for Keltic Clothing I read a Blog Entry that their MD, David Barry, had ran a marathon wearing a brand new pair of the companies showcase “Magnum Strider” Boots straight from the box. Having signed up for a Charity Walk within the Chilterns with our client, Pinewood Studios, I wondered if these Boots would perform. I asked, therefore, if I could provide an honest feedback blog entry. The boots were received in good time. I prepared my kit the night before the walk and unpacked the Boots. The Boot is well made, light weight and durable. The weather for the walk was fair with temperature reaching 17 degrees maximum with rain forecast in the later part of the afternoon.

A few people on the walk said I was mad doing a hike with new boots on – Would I regret this?

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Following the arrival to the Clare Charity Centre, we prepared for the walk. The boots went on with ease and felt like a normal pair of trainers. Immediately comfortable from the box. I was impressed.

I was tempted to wear a second pair of socks to reduce any rubbing but did not in the end. Confident the boots would be okay, I set out on the hike at 0845hrs.

In the first part of the walk which was mainly roadway and level land the Boots were perfect. Soft to the foot and a decent amount of grip. The ground was soft and fields muddy in places.

Some 4 miles in, the hike became more demanding in the terrain and I began to worry as my feet started to swell with the heat generated. The boots became slightly tighter as expected but my feet were not sore at all, not one bit. This was good.

At around 7 miles in, the hike reached a long, steep and uneven uphill climb. My legs were burning and my breathing became deep and irregular – My feet however were fine. The boot is made for walking and not specifically for hiking. This began to show as the foot was required to move from side to side in line with the uneven ground and minimal ankle role. There was no way to prevent this as the ground was that uneven, you relied on the boot giving sufficient ankle support. This is where I thought I would regret the Boot Challenge.

magnum striderI could start to feel pressure on the heel of my right foot. A Blister was forming! Having worn these from new out of the box, I was surprised the dreaded blister didn’t happen sooner. Once the top of the climb was reached, my feet began to sort themselves out and the blister pain worsened. Following a 10 minute break, I re laced my right boot, pulling them tighter to give stronger support. The following part of the hike was across Horse occupied fields, wet with mud and steep in places. Several wooden turnstiles were climbed each with ample grip and without slipping once.

Towards the last section of the hike, the blister became less of an annoyance and I carried on. A few people on the hike had expensive walking boots and often asked how I was – I think some were in disbelief when I said I was good.

I can honestly say that from start to end, the boot surprised me. Comfort from the box, robust and weatherproof, the boot performed.The walk in the end was just under 13 miles of medium terrain with some steep climbs. The ground was muddy and grass slippery.

Although these boots were not designed for country terrain walking, they performed superbly. We completed the walk at a pace of 20.41 minutes per mile which included a few rest breaks.

To summarise – These Boots ARE made for walking and I cannot recommend them enough”

Thanks Daran!


Many thanks to Daran for his honest review of our Magnum Strider boot. And well done on your charity walk! If anyone is inspired by this post and wants to write a review of their own, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to post your thoughts!