Company Jackets For Employees – Points To Keep In Mind

Company Jackets For Employees – Points To Keep In Mind

Your staff represent your company. This is why they must be attired suitably at all times. For many jobs, jackets are an important part of workwear, however company jackets vary hugely depending on the work profile and industry one is associated with. In many cases jackets need to be equipped with specific features or comply with certain safety standards. If you’re thinking of kitting out your staff with new jackets, we are on hand to make sure that you make the right decision.


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Company Jackets: Things To Consider


In order to impress potential clients your staff need to look smart and presentable. According to this great article, your staff’s uniform is hugely important to promoting your organisation. Company jackets can subtly achieve both purposes.

  • The features of the uniform are crucial – workers in a particular industry can have an explicit set of requirements that might not be as important for those associated with a different business. For example, the work jacket of someone working in a laboratory can be tailored to accommodate a certain number of pockets which are easily accessible, or the jacket might have to be made of strong and durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • Visibility is also a vital factor to be considered, especially for those who work extensively outdoors such as maintaining roads or as a part of rescue services. Not only do the jackets require a high degree of visibility, but they have to be waterproof too in order to withstand harsh weather conditions like snow and rain.
  • When it comes to security staff, they might have to wear jackets that will keep them warm and comfortable, as they might have to work while standing for a long time. Ideally, their work jackets should have big, deep pockets to hold torches, especially when they are on night duty. These outfits have to be flexible so they can move about with ease.

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Safety Standards


Before you order company jackets for your employees, read up about the safety standards for uniforms in your particular industry. If you’re struggling with this, our staff have extensive knowledge on the subject and would be happy to share this with you. Once you know exactly what you want for your staff in order to provide the highest level of protection, you can place appropriate orders as per their measurements. Keltic Clothing is a UK based company that supplies quality staff uniforms made to order at reasonable rates. We are very experienced in all aspects of business wear and can advise you exactly what your company will need to comply with health and safety and to offer your staff the greatest comfort.

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